Fullstack Vue

The in-depth, complete, and up-to-date book on Vue.js

Fullstack Vue is a tutorial-driven book that will have you writing Vue apps in no time. Every chapter in the book comes with a complete project that uses the concepts in the chapter in a practical, runnable format. Every chapter focuses on a different part of the ecosystem so you'll see how everything fits together as the book proceeds.

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Thanks Youghourta for hunting this! Hey ProductHunt! 👋 I worked with the Fullstack team (the fine folks behind Fullstack React (https://www.fullstackreact.com/) and ng-book (https://www.ng-book.com/2/) to build Fullstack Vue. The book is a project-driven approach to learning (i.e. everything is explained within the context of building a larger application). As a result; in addition to introducing Vue, we explain all the main tools in the Vue ecosystem - (vue-router, Vuex, vue-cli, and vue-test-utils) and show how they can be coupled together. Here’s a blog post I wrote that explains Fullstack Vue in a lot more detail! https://medium.com/@hassan.djird...
Hey Hassan! I just started learning Vue yesterday, great timing :) I tried to download the free chapter this morning, but never got the confirmation email.
@markjohnson303 Ay that's awesome :). And strange you didn't get the email... if you don't get the email in the next day (at the latest) - shoot me an email at hassan.djirdeh@gmail.com. Will send you the copy myself :).
@hassan @djirdehh Nice! But wish you hadn’t send me a PDF as example. Thats useless on the phone. I think that many people are reading you book example chapter on a phone - maybe you should offer an eBook version too?
@llabball That's a good point! We've only been using PDF for the sample chapter but it might be good to have the eBook version as well. Noted!
I need assistance understanding everything