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April 1st, 2018

Let's play a game 😈
Some (brave) companies love to launch actual products on April Fool's.

On April 1st 2014, Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge was announced, teasing generations of fans with real Pokémon hiding in tall grass around their neighborhoods. Pokémon Go launched for real in 2016, and the entire world called in sick to catch Zubats. Mobs formed in Central Park.

Gmail and Amazon's Dash Buttons were originally announced on April Fool's Day too, to much skepticism.

In honor of products that must be fake, we've combined our favorite April Fool's launches with real products launched in the last year.

Can you pick the fakes?

1. Beer that teaches you a new language, or a beer that's designed to be enjoyed in the shower. 🚿

2. A crypto-only Lamborghini store, or a genetic test that reveals your perfect car based on your DNA. 🚗

3. A drone that pitches journalists, or an app that hacks your dreams. 😳

4. A bad joke detector from Google, or an app that finds your doppelgänger from hundreds of years ago. 🖼️

5. A service to pay for Amazon orders with cash, or ATM drones that deliver cash anywhere. 🚁

April Fool’s may be behind us but there’s no need to wait another year to prank your friends and coworkers. Here’s a collection of (real!) prank products. You know what to do. 👹
Prank your friends

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