Peepeth is a decentralized alternative to Twitter powered by the Ethereum blockchain. No company or government controls your data; so it's the perfect place to share what matters.

-Uncensorable & unstoppable

-Fun & easy

-Get tips!

-Prove it's you: link Twitter account thru the blockchain

-Charity badges

-Peep on mobile, email notifications, & more

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Hey all, Peepeth creator here. Peepeth is a user-friendly microblogging app powered by the blockchain. Peepeth is uncensorable & unstoppable. No company controls your data (which is saved to the blockchain) and anybody can build a front-end that reads from and writes to the smart contract. But Peepeth is more than freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a prerequisite for a better world, but what we do with that freedom is equally as important. I hope Peepeth helps people consider their digital legacies and how their speech and actions affect the world. What you post on Peepeth cannot be removed. So be your best self. Add something thoughtful (or funny) as your "message to the world". Buy a charity badge. Showcase values you'd like to spread in your posts. Your words truly have an impact. So share what matters, and reward the truth! Thanks to everyone for their advice and suggestions, and to everyone who helped and otherwise made it possible! Thanks @daviswbaer for the hunt! Bevan (Peepeth creator) *Don't like it? is an opinionated front-end for the smart contract. You are free to build your own reader/writer, and brand it however you want.
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Wanted to quickly touch on monetization. Peepeth was bootstrapped, and did not have an ICO. Nor are there ads. Currently, the revenue model is taking 10% of tips sent on the site. Also, Peepeth charges for social media verification. Finally, you can support Peepeth through donations (see If you want to support Peepeth, the best way is to join the small but friendly community, post good content, and tell your friends about it!
@bevanbarton Love your work with feeding Peepeth with positive people. It feels like an online forum from back in the 90s where the internet was full of positive conversations with user names you had no idea who were. The product works smoothly too! Happy to follow this one as active Peeper (?)!
@tjalve Thank you, Kristoffer! Really appreciate your helping set the tone on Peepeth.
@bevanbarton Would you spare an invite?
@nikolay Done! For anyone else, feel free to sign up on the site, and then DM me on Twitter with the email address you used and I'll bump you up in the queue.
@bevanbarton do you have any concerns about the fact that no one can censor you while you remain anonymous? Plus they can send you money. What would prevent this from becoming a radical nightmare where hate is spewed and directly sponsored with tips? To take the most extreme example. What if ISIS joins your network? There's no way to kick them of? Censor their posts? Block incoming tips?
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@bevanbarton @max_de_vos This is an important question that would need to be answered. The model is decentralized but that does not mean accountability is absolved.
@max_de_vos I think its criminal appeal is limited compared to alternatives. Use of a known and traceable payment+communications channel reveals more info about the perpetrators and their networks than non-crypto communication channels + crypto payments. Pairing communication and money removes a level of anonymity because of the traceable nature of blockchain transactions. To be clear: front-ends are censorable. Illegal content will be removed from the front-end.
@max_de_vos @bevanbarton Can you clarify censorable? Will you actively police the site for content that goes against the TOS? If there is a TOS, will you disclose it? I couldn't find one on your site. I love the innovation and site design, but I start to wonder how all these dApps end up differing from their mainstream counterparts if there's still a central body that ultimately controls the content on the platform.
@frantzlight Thanks for the feedback and question. No central body controls the content. The data-store is open, so anybody can write to and read from the contract without my permission. If a front-end deviates from its censorship policy, users will quickly find out and move to another front-end. The front-end is a regular web app with a TOS under development that will be public; currently, illegal content will be removed and NSFW content is marked as such (users need to click "reveal").
@bevanbarton Got it, that makes sense. Is this similar to how Mastodon works? Thanks for the additional info.
Great work @bevanbarton! Awesome UI and UX :) What kind of new features can we expect to see in the coming months?
@daviswbaer Thank you Davis. Appreciate the hunt, and thanks for helping set the tone on Peepeth! There are many features in the pipeline, including a standalone mobile client (although currently works great on Toshi, Trust, and Cipher- thanks to those teams for helping test) and adding more of the functionality you'd expect from a microblogging app. Also plan to add more badges which can be recognized from any dapp. Many more ideas, but focus now is listening to users and squaring away the basics.

I like that it batches actions into groups of 15, so you don't need to pay every single time you do anything


Fun and easy to use. Far cheaper than Leeroy


Wish there was a way to tip less than $1 to encourage more tipping

Thanks for the feedback Davis. Will be implementing smaller tips and "likes". Also, the batch limit of 15 will be increased very soon. All other suggestions appreciated!

On other social media platforms, there is a sense that something bad is about to happen, either someone stating too strong an opinion, or trolling, or stealing your data, etc. I actually look forward to going on Peepeth and seeing what's up, even though I've never met the other users in person. People seem actually...happy to be posting and participating. It's nice.


Positive discourse in the community, which is a breath of fresh air across all social media.


Hard to practically explain to friends why joining is a good idea.

Hannah, thank you for your review and for helping set the great vibe on Peepeth! Will be working to communicate the "why is this important" to a more mainstream audience.