Pizza Shelf

Make the perfect pizza at home in 90 sec

Pizza Shelf is making it possible to make your own artisan pizza at home in your own oven.

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so you are asking for more than $100 for a bended stainless steel slab?
seems pretty expensive
I recently tried making my own pizza at home and it came out like crap. After doing some research, the oven temperature, and hot surface it sits on as it bakes is super important. The Pizza shelf looks to make this closer to what pizza ovens deliver in terms of temperature and distribution of heat.
I think it’s genius!!
I don't know as I've never seen one but I do know how to make a great pizza without a special pizza oven. Foremost rule: never, ever roll out your bread dough with a rolling pin. If you aren't up to the spinning technique then just stretch it out with your fingertips, leaving a raised 'what will become crust' at the very edges. The main body of the pizza has to be very thin. Get the biggest cast iron pan you've got on the hob and make it very hot. Shake some flour in to prevent sticking. Slide your pizza base in and shake every few seconds so it doesn't burn. It will start to bubble up in places - It won't take more than a couple of minutes. Spread your tomato base on and then add what other toppings you like with good slices of Buffalo Mozarella - lean is best as you don't want a 'stew'. Bung under a hot grill grill until the cheese melts and the edges brown. Done - bellissimo?