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March 29th, 2018

150M accounts just hacked 😧
Yesterday, nutrition tracker MyFitnessPal announced that over 150,000,000 accounts had been hacked. Your #cheatdays are now floating around the shady parts of the Internet.

"American enemies knowing how much raw Chipotle we regularly shovel into our mouths is an undeniable battlefield advantage." – Mike Isaac

In all seriousness, the breach isn't good news. Emails and hashed passwords were leaked, meaning if you've used MyFitnessPal before, change your passwords. Like, now. 👀

Now is also a good to chance to protect yourself from future hacks:

😱 Have I Been Pwned? will inform you if one of your accounts was compromised. They've cataloged over 4.9 Billion hacked accounts.

🔍 Alphabet's Outline is an open-sourced VPN builder for anybody. Instead of trusting some shady company with all of your traffic, you can build your own private network that protects all of your data.

🦊 Mozilla's Facebook Container just launched to block Facebook from tracking you around the internet. Don't tell Zuck 😳

🔐 1Password is better than storing your passwords on a post-it note, and they have powerful integrations with literally every browser.

💳 is the Snapchat of credit cards, generating a new (potentially ephemeral) credit card for every transaction.

What's missing? Share your favorites and explore 20+ other tools that might save your butt. 😅
Best tools to protect yourself 🔒

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CoinList: Making token sales happen.

Descript: Building the tools for tomorrow’s creators.

Omni: An operating system for your things.