Pizza Roulette

Order a pizza with random toppings

Pizza Roulette is a funny way to order a pizza with surprise toppings.

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This is so bizarre its kind of worth trying.
I had a lot of fun creating Pizza Roulette and I’m really excited to see it on Product Hunt. I hope that some of you try it out and get an interesting and delicious pizza you’ve never had before!
This just changed my dinner plans for this evening. I would say it is already a success because I am a habitual "boring eater". My wife can't stand how I will 100% of the time order the same thing, so anything that might shift that percentage to 99.99% has already won points from her.
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Tried it and loved it! Honestly the most thrilling experience ordering pizza :)

Would like a option for vegetarian and Gluten free so that many can use this


Fun and easy to order a Pizza at random


No vegetarian or gluten free selection...So limited