Pizza in a Bag

Pizza-flavored jerky for your next snack πŸ•

Pizza in a Bag is a snackable jerky that tastes exactly like pizza. Comes in Pepperoni Pizza, Supreme Pizza, and Buffalo. πŸ•πŸ˜‹

  • Greg Baroth
    Greg BarothFounder, Monogram Artists

    tastes like pizza


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  • Oliver Bogner
    Oliver BognerCEO, Brandable

    pizza, jerky, best food ever, no carbs, keto


    buffalo is spicy!

    It is life changing!

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I co-created this product with my team! It’s really delicious! Supreme might be my favorite but Buffalo is super spicy and I’m a spicy boi.
Pizza jerky is here (and coming to Walmart!). It's surprisingly good - we finished ~6 bags on a weekend Tahoe trip. @LazAlberto was a huuuuuge fan. πŸ˜‹
Should be tasty.
cc'ing my pizza-loving friend, @jimmydouglas. πŸ•
@rrhoover My jerky dreams have finally come true!!!
@rrhoover @jimmydouglas it's really good I promise
This has to be the coolest thing, too bad there aren't any Walmarts near me, can I order a box online?