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August 16th, 2020

A new Duolingo competitor?
Why is learning a new language so hard?

There are many roadblocks. Finding time to practice, boring learning material, repetitiveness, finding someone to practice with, and more.

It’s active intellectual labor and many of us already have lots of things to do.

While there’s no universal solution to language learning, there are interesting solutions that have emerged recently that may help you finally learn a new language.

Last week, Ara Ghougassian launched Fluent, a Chrome extension that automatically translates words on websites.

Here are some initial reactions from the Product Hunt community:

“Used fluent for the last few weeks. The experience so far has been flawless and totally fun.” – Artur Safaryan

“I've been using the Beta since May, and it's been great. I've already picked up new French vocab and I'm really liking the features around testing comprehension without being invasive on the screen.” – Stefan Palios

“Unlike other conventional language learning apps on the market, Fluent doesn't take any extra time out of your day, but instead integrates language learning into your regular web browsing time!” – Monisha Shcherbakova

Over the years we’ve seen dozens of tools to help you learn a language. Here are a few:

MondlyAR creates an immersive AR experience in the world to learn a new language.

Reji lets you save words from language classes, movies, books, and the Internet.

Cardina is an elegant bilingual dictionary with flashcards.

Mochi turns your language notes into flashcards to study them at optimal intervals.

Mate Translate for Netflix instantly translates subtitles so you can learn while you chill.

1000 Words helps you learn the most common 1000 words of popular languages.

Vocly lets you learn vocabulary in 50 languages with fun games, quizzes, and reviews.

Fluent Forever app is based on the neuroscience principles of learning.

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