Learn languages in augmented reality

MondlyAR, the 1st 🥇 Augmented Reality experience in the world that helps you learn languages using:

✅ speech recognition 🗣

✅ chatbot technology 🤖

✅ Artificial Intelligence 👾

MondlyAR has been built in close collaboration with Google using Google’s ARCore augmented reality platform. The app is now available on Google Play.

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  • William Falloon
    William FalloonInteractive emerging tech and media

    The core of the app looks useful


    This app adds absolutely no value by being in AR. It's pure gimmick. This could work just as well as a regular app with no AR component.

    There is no reason that this should be an AR app. Reviews like: 'Really cool use of AR' reek of garbage. Sounds like the team at Mondly is just shilling this.

    William Falloon has used this product for one day.
  • Teodora Panțu
    Teodora PanțuBDM @ Cision

    FUN and quirky


    might be good to have a male teacher also?

    Learning languages in school is notoriously Boring! I took German and French for 8+ years and still can't speak either fluently. This app is super cool, it's no longer about the end result, learning to speaking the language, it's about the whole experience.

    Teodora Panțu has used this product for one day.
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AlexandruMaker@iliescualex · Co-founder & CEO Mondly
Hola Product Hunt, and Danke for hunting us, @chrismessina! 4 years ago we created Mondly with a sole vision: to help people learn languages online so they can have meaningful conversations in real life. I truly believe that conversations are the ultimate goal of every language learner. Here are the steps we made towards our vision in the past few years: -Released the 1st voice-enabled language chatbot in the world (August 2016) -Launched MondlyVR, the first virtual reality language app with speech recognition for Oculus (February 2017) and Daydream (September 2017) -Today, we are introducing MondlyAR - The first augmented reality language learning experience with chatbots and speech recognition (March 2018) on ARCore Mondly AR introduces a lifelike avatar that carries humanlike conversations and offers instant feedback on your pronunciation. With the power of ARCore it can virtually teleport all kinds of objects into your living room, creating a new kind of immersive experience. This makes learning fun and memorable. We are thrilled with this version of the product, but there's room to grow. Now I’m turning to you, the toughest crowd in the tech world, for feedback and ideas on how to take Mondly one step forward.
William Falloon
William Falloon@william_falloon · Interactive emerging tech and media
@iliescualex What does Augmented Reality add to this? It seems to me like it adds nothing meaningful at all to the learning process, just an additional step that will grow tiresome for users. Let me know if I'm missing something.
AlexandruMaker@iliescualex · Co-founder & CEO Mondly
@william_falloon Hi William, great question! What we are seeing with AR is that it's able to create a better feeling of immersion that stimulates better interaction with the learning materials. Nothing compares with the illusion of seeing a 10 ft elephant, moving and trumpeting in your room. A photo or an illustrated image in an app cannot cannot convey that emotion. Or admiring a life-size grand piano with all its details and from any angle, blending perfectly in your environment, with spatial sound that changes its intensity while you move to explore this work of art. While this exploration happens, Mondly, the virtual teacher is aware of you and your environment at any moment. She knows if you’re facing her, if you’re at the right or left of the piano and she can use this information in a dialogue: “If you move to the left you’ll see the strings”. She can move closer to you, looks at you, follows you, gesticulates just like a real teacher would do to reinforce language and make the experience more memorable. She can change from a teacher to a conversational partner just like in a SF movie. Want to practice ordering food at a restaurant? No problem - Mondly will change her outfit to accommodate the situation: “Que desea señor?” She can understand what you are saying and help correct your pronunciation and can even answer some of your random questions. I hope you see how combining the spatial capabilities of AR with the interactivity of chatbots and speech recognition can create a more personal and immersive learning experience, which is recognised by all studies to be the ideal ingredients for fast and effective learning.
Ryan Kelley
Ryan Kelley@i_am_ryankelley · Product & Growth Designer
As a US expat living in Berlin, trying to learn German, Mondly has been a huge help. I've used many language learning apps in the past but I tend to get bored after a while. Mondly seems to be the only app that I stick with longer than a few months. Now with AR, it makes learning German more engaging and entertaining. Of all the apps integrating AR into their products, this [for me] is the best use of AR I have seen. Great job guys!
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡@sebastian_maraloiu · Chief Marketing Officer at Mondly
Itai Elizur
Itai Elizur@itaielizur · COO at InboundJunction
Amazing to see this product evolve! Great work!
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡@sebastian_maraloiu · Chief Marketing Officer at Mondly
Thanks, @itaielizur!
Raul Popa
Raul Popa@raulpopa · Founder, TypingDNA
congrats for the prduct! looks neat! are there any studies that say that a real tutor (or VR one) is more helpful in learning languages compared to let's say "self learning"..?
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡@sebastian_maraloiu · Chief Marketing Officer at Mondly
Thanks, @raulpopa! I would say MondlyAR falls into the category of self-learning even though the method involves using an augmented conversational partner. There are quite a few studies highlighting the advantages of using virtual and augmented reality in learning. Here are a few mentions:
Nora Leary
Nora Leary@nleary · Director of Marketing, Uplifted
Great way to learn a new language.
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡@sebastian_maraloiu · Chief Marketing Officer at Mondly
I believe that too, @nleary