Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 9th, 2020

Products and pancakes 😍
YourStack Experts
Earlier this year we introduced a beta of YourStack. We haven't talked much about it on Product Hunt as we continue to onboard folks from the waitlist and iterate on the product.

But today we have something to share...

We're publishing the first series of "What's in your stack?" interviews with experts you may know from the community:

🎨 Pablo Stanley is the Staff Designer at Lyft and co-founder of Carbon Health. You might recognize him from his Product Hunt launches like Buttsss and most recently, Blush. Check out Pablo’s picks.

📲 Sarah Evans is a digital strategist and leader in international tech PR. Sarah’s stack is a must for anyone looking to level up their marketing stack.

🍷 Axel Florence is a Product Manager on the growth team at Shopify. Axel’s stack tells a story of his background in RnD and reveals his penchant for french wine.

💖 Abadesi Osunsade is the founder of Hustle Crew & co-host of Techish podcast. You might recognize Abadesi as the former Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt. Check out Abadesi’s must-have products.

#️⃣ Chris Messina invented the hashtag and designed products and experiences for Google and Uber. Since he’s got a reputation as a #1 product hunter, his stack is like a greatest hits collection.

☀️ Lolita Taub is acting Chief of Staff and interim head of sales at Catalyte, and she’s a scout at Lolita is incredibly curious, so you might want to study her stack.

We’ll be sharing more interviews with a variety of experts in design, marketing, engineering, cooking, parenting, music, and many other crafts. Let us know who’s on your wishlist on Twitter and we’ll try to make it happen. 😄
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