The simplest, and most powerful note-taking blogging platform ever made.
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Congrats on the launch! Very straight to the point landings, quick and transparent onboarding… nice work! 🙌 Here you have some feature suggestions. Probably you already have considered implementing them, but just in case it serves as inspiration, there you go 😊: * Unified editing experience. I think Caret (abandoned, nailed it on this * Automatic 301 redirect from the previous note URL to the new one once updating its title * Easiness handling images (being able to search on Giphy/Unsplash and embed them) * User avatar (importing it from Google account i.e.) showing up on site header * Specify which limits the basic accounts have in the Premium landing * G Drive sync as Markdown files * Emoji key trigger. Having something like Rocket ( makes it easier than using the System emoji dialog and it would be a simillar experience, but not all the people use this kind of apps and shortcuts. Promoting it with a keymap shortcut such as ":" may be a quick win 😬
@javiercane these are fantastic suggestions!
Hello Hunters 😊 Less than a month ago I decided to build an app for myself to solve a very specific problem: “I want to be able to take notes on my phone, share some of them online, and others publish them on my personal blog — oh, an I also want an API!” Long story short, I started a private beta a couple weeks ago and more than 700 people signed up. This past Saturday I enabled paid subscriptions and more than 30 people became premium with ten folks migrating their personal blogs to it! 🤯 It seems there’s demand for an easy to use native note taking app that can serve as an online publishing platform. A place where you can use your own domain and update your notes right from your phone. Of course, this is just a theory, so I would love to see if you all find it useful. You can learn all about it at — Features: ⠀- Simplicity. ⠀- Markdown with live preview. ⠀- Custom Domains. ⠀- No ads, no tracking, no modals, no vanity, no nonsense. ⠀- No data lock-in. Export your notes from day one. ⠀- Restful API, Your Notes in different formats. ⠀- Native experience iPhone & iPad: ⠀⠀Share extension, Quick actions, FaceID, Quick Actions, Keychain, Keyboard shortcuts, Slide Over & Split View, Dark Mode. Sample note: Would love to hear what you all think 😊
@alejandro_crosa sounds awesome! I will try for sure
@bikash_sharma Awesome, let me know how it goes Bikash :)
Another reason I built this is that no tool out there satisfied my needs: - Notion had no native app so it's very slow to use on mobile. Plus is too general. - Medium is a disaster for readers, they shouldn't be the ones paying to read. - Most note taking apps were too complex and feature creep. I wanted speed + power with simplicity first. - Apps are either online or offline, none tried to mix those two models seamlessly. - Blogs are either static (I need to be on my laptop and code) or use CMS which are too general and complex.
This is proof that it is always possible to continue innovating in areas where we often think “everything is invented”. Collected Notes is a fantastic product born from a real need, executed to perfection. I can’t wait to see what it becomes in the future!
I've been using the beta for a week. Collected Notes has no friction: you open the app, and can start writing at once. The simplicity to start with a private draft and end up with a published post with a URL is amazing, and should make writing more accessible for most. As a developer, having syntax highlighting out of the box is great (if you ever tried writing code in Medium, you know how embedding gists is not an option).
@pbendersky that’s great to hear!