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January 4th, 2018

RIP Google Docs ⚰️
52 Productivity Tools to Try
Once upon a time Microsoft Word and Excel dominated CRT-lit desktops of offices around the world. While still great tools, cloud-based apps like Google Docs and Sheets ate into Microsoft's market share. Today, newer entrants are looking to eat Google's lunch too.

Here are a few productivity-focused startups competing with the two giant incumbents:

📊 Airtable: A tool with nearly limitless functionality. We're seeing more and more startups transitioning their documents over to Airtable.

🔥 Coda: Two Google alums raised $60M (!!!) to build this Excel-killer for the modern worker, receiving 4k+ upvotes. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is joining the Board.

☁️ Quip Live Apps: The community favorite cloud word processor launched Live Apps earlier this year, letting teams build powerful spreadsheets and workflows directly in Quip.

📝 NoteJoy: Early employees from SurveyMonkey and LinkedIn launched NoteJoy to help streamline the way your team organizes documents. It's beauuutiful.

For more, check out the community's most recommended productivity tools for work and personal use.

P.S. The most upvoted product of 2017 (with over 5,000 upvotes) is a single app that unifies all your productivity software.
Free Stuff For Startups: A collection of tools and products with free plans to help you get started. This collection by Hiten Shah is the most followed on Product Hunt. 😎

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