Quip Live Apps

Documents with Superpowers

Teamwork in Quip just got even better. Live Apps are embeddable, interactive apps you can use right inside your docs. Try embeddable calendars, Kanban boards, and more, plus integrations with Salesforce and Atlassian. Live Apps transform Quip into a mighty platform that is customizable to your team’s unique needs — all on a single page.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Very interesting things are happing to "documents" these with Coda and now Live Apps for Quip. It seems like we are going from documents being something we work "on" to something we work "in".
@galimotion amen to that and boy it has been long time coming. Don’t forget what you can do in Apple Notes and also in apps like Notablity.
Congrats Bret and team. Look forward to playing with this
A little surprised this didn't get more love today. Quip is amazing. Especially when paired with SalesForce.
This is awesome, congratulations! Also good timing for that little DF17 event that just kicked off. :)