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January 2nd, 2018

Biohacks to increase your productivity in 2018 📊🏃
The new year is a great time to not only reflect on old routines and habits, but also to explore new ones. To do that, we asked HVMN co-founder and CEO Geoffrey Woo to highlight a few simple ways we can better ourselves through biohacking.

Biohacking was quite the buzzword in 2017, but the core concepts are simple and approachable: it's the application of systems thinking to human performance. There's two parts to that:

1. Incorporate and modify inputs into your body and lifestyle e.g. fasting, exercise, and diet.

2. Quantify, track and optimize biometric outputs e.g. glucose levels, heart rate variability, body composition, blood markers.

Adopt New Habits

Meditation and intermittent fasting can systematically improve your everyday life. Both are simple to start, but the discipline to stick to either is not. I recommend Kevin Rose's apps, Zero for fasting and Oak for meditation, as ultra-lightweight ways to get started.

Try a Keto Diet

Another “input” I'm particularly excited about is the broad release of HVMN Ketone. The technology rapidly shifts the body into a form of ketosis, which helps you get more out of your workouts, recover faster, and makes it easier to transition in and out of fasting.

Track, Quantify, and Optimize

In addition to new habits and new consumables, a biohacker tracks, quantifies, and optimizes her biometrics. My go-to biometric visualization tool is Gyroscope. It’s an app that collates data from a number of services to create a slick, personalized dashboard of you.

Wearables and Biosensors

I also use a number of wearables and biosensors to track various metrics, but the one I'm most excited about is the new Oura ring. It’s a sleek combination of form and function backed by great sensor accuracy and battery life.

Let's Discuss!

I want to hear more from you. What are different biohacks or biohacking tools have you been using, and are there any you're interested in adopting in 2018? Add your recommendations and I'll be around to answer questions today on Product Hunt.

Biohacks to Try in 2018
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