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Station unifies all your web apps in one neat & productive interface

🛠 A Smart Dock to organize your workflow

🔎 Unified Search to find anything quickly

🔔 Notification Center to stay in control

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Having been a user of Franz for a long time now, I'm glad I found Station cause it has way more functionality :) Thank you for making this!

Although, I'm not sure on how I can mute particular apps from sending me notifications 🙃

EDIT 1: Multiple instances such as Twitter do not actually separate two accounts; if I log out of one, it logs out of the other.

P.S: I'll edit this review once I use it for a bit longer :)


Clean, minimal & functional.


Needs a little more basic features.

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Hey Amrith, as you may know it's difficult to keep balance between "clean, minimal" and a "lot of features". Let me know what basic features you were missing?
This reminds me of this browser called Ghost browser. Enables multiple instances of the same website. If Station does this, combined with Station's keyboard shortcuts, this will be pure gold!
@amrith yup, same issue for me, sad that we can't keep two Twitter accounts open
👋 Station is the best workflow improvement I've made recently. I've been a beta tester of Station for the past few months, that's why I am glad to hunt it today! All the places of the Internet where I like to spend time (Twitter, Slack channels, Github, Feedly, GDrive, Dribbble...) were spread among Chrome tabs, Desktop apps, and Menu bar icons. Now, it's all gathered in Station. The "commute" among these places disappeared. Going from a place to another now feels as easy as switching among Slack channels. Give it a try. Cheers!
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Edit: We got a lot of questions, so I'm adding the frequently asked ones here: If you have more questions, please share them in the community: > Where can I find the installer? On click "Download". No email required. > Cool, but these apps keep all apps open using RAM and CPU. Definitely, but, in Station, we addressed this issue! We idle applications you have not used for some time and pop it again as soon as you need it. That's transparent for the user, but it definitely has a positive impact on RAM and CPU! > Can you expand on what kind of privacy you have for this app? Except few telemetric data that helps in the development of the product, everything stays local. Naturally, all the applications running in Station (Slack, Gmail..) have their own privacy model. You can read more in our privacy policy note: > Do you support multi-account? Yes we do, just add an app for the second time and it will let you connect it with a second account. > It looks like a very good idea, but I wanted to know what will be the business model before investing time in it? The Station app is free. We are currently testing "Station for teams" with some pilot companies. It includes specific features that will be part of paid plans. > How can I suggest an application to be included in Station's app store? To suggest a new application, you can type the name iof the application n the "app store" search and click "request". > What OS do you support? Mac and Windows. Linux is coming. --- Hi everyone! 👋 First off, big thanks to @ldesserrey for hunting us! 🚀 Station is a free desktop app that centralizes all your work applications in one neat interface. Think of it as a super efficient workspace for all your web tools. We want to give you a snapshot into what we think the future of work will look like & hopefully build it together with you ! ;) We realise we still have a long way to go but our team has been working round the clock on this ambitious product for the past year & we're really excited to hear what you think 🤗 ! We'll be here all day to answer any questions you might have, so ask away! Cheers! 🍻
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@al3xstrat great work! Already loving it! Is there a place to vote on new app intergrations? Would love to be able to access Webflow from Station ✌
Hey @galimotion we's are adding a form in the Station app-store. In the meanwhile don't hesitate to mention it in the support chat (bottom left chat icon). I noted Webflow!
@al3xstrat Seems really cool, is this another massively growing Electron app where each app takes another 200mb?
@imatincr definitely a recurring question with this kind of app indeed. But, we addressed that problem. We idle applications you have not used for some time and pop them as soon as you need one of them. That's transparent for the user, but it definitely has an impact on RAM and CPU! So, try it, and let us know how it feels! :)
@al3xstrat Makes perfect sense, similar to what The Great Suspender does. So what happens when I get a notification in an idled Slack?

I've been using Station since it's very beginning (9 months ago). I use it now on a daily basis.

As a designer, I have on my desktop my Sketch, and of course my Station. It centralize all my work (InVision, Slacks, Gmail, Notifications, Trello... 300+ apps already, so crazy!). So no need to switch between thousand of tabs on chrome, or to set up my work everything morning. I just open Station and eveything is there : what I missed, my new assignments... It just makes you way more productive.

Give it a try people and get Station now !


nice experience, higher productivity, better perfs than chrome, centralized work, fast switcher, smart handle of pages, daily use base


can't wait for Single Sign In, and password manager features !!

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I think this is missing something that I use the most. Product Hunt itself 😿 Please add ASAP 🙃
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@al3xstrat look at the demand, it even comes under "Curation & Sourcing" 🙃
@amrith sorry, I got lost in the comments. Yes, we'll add it! :)
@al3xstrat I still can't see it :/
@amrith we have not released it yet, probably next week.
@al3xstrat Saw the latest update, still not there :/