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April 12th, 2020

The browser extension used by nearly 1M people
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Ever made a joke during a remote meeting only to be met with awkward silence from your muted colleagues? 😬 We’ve been there and based on this Tweet from Product Hunt's former CTO and remote working advocate, Andreas Klinger, we're not the only ones.

Enter Nod. This browser extension adds quick reactions to Google Meet so you can see in real time how your friends, students or colleagues are feeling while muted. Nod attempts to recreate the subtle physical cues we all give IRL.

Founder Jamie Carr explained that the app came from an internal team need to better aid communications on remote calls, and with nearly 1M users in only 2 weeks, his team was not alone in this need.

“I built this little extension to help my team at HomeHero better communicate in larger meetings, where most of the participants were muted. Like many, we found ourselves adjusting to working remotely, and Nod was built to help us replicate some of the things that we missed in our face-to-face meetings.

I first posted this on the chrome store just two weeks ago, and since then, the tool has reached close to a million users. While it has found itself inside teams at Netflix, Pinterest and the NY Times, many of the 900,000+ users have been schools, universities and other educators who have been forced into a new world of online learning.” 

Let us know what you think.

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