Get real-time reactions from team members on Google Meet

Nod adds quick reactions to Google Meet. With so many people suddenly switching over to remote meetings, lessons and lectures, Nod has provided over 800,000 active users with a new way to communicate when running large groups calls on Google Meet.
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Hey Product Hunt, I’m Jamie. The maker behind Nod. First of all, thanks to @kevin for sharing this with the community! I built this little extension to help my team at HomeHero better communicate in larger meetings, where most of the participants were muted. Like many, we found ourselves adjusting to working remotely, and Nod was built to help us replicate some of the things that we missed in our face-to-face meetings. I first posted this on the chrome store just two weeks ago, and since then, the tool has reached close to a million users. While it has found itself inside teams at Netflix, Pinterest and the NY Times, many of the 900,000+ users have been schools, universities and other educators who have been forced into a new world of online learning. It’s been awesome to see the response to my little extension from the education community who are doing some pretty fantastic work right now, and I can’t wait to hear what the PH community think. I hope that, if nothing else, this can help out a few of you who are currently adjusting to this new world we have found ourselves in, and look forward to hearing what you think! All the best from the UK and stay safe. ✌️
Amazing extension that makes running and participating in remote meetings so much easier!
@pinkinthesink Thanks Arjan, glad it could help!
This is so cool! Makes understanding the feedback much easier.Good luck...
@soham_g Thanks Soham! 🥳
This reminds me of a recent tweet request for product from @andreasklinger
@ejsnowdon I'd be lying if I said that 'Lack of joke appreciation when working remotely' didn't play some part in the initial insight! If it helps @andreasklinger, even with the tool, my teammates are still yet to indicate that any of my jokes are landing. Arguably worse.
Awesome and so obvious How is this not CORE UI/UX of every conference call tool 🤯
@andreasklinger It already is present in several tools, Meet just lacks it. The extension UI is basically a copycat of reactions in Slack calls, and Zoom has a simplified version as well.