Twenty Bits I Learned

A book about design and entrepreneurship from Dan Cederholm

#2 Product of the DayApril 11, 2020
After retiring from co-founding, Dribbble, I reflected on 20 things I'd learned as a designer-turned-entrepreneur. It's a fun little hardcover book with mid-century aesthetics that collects those thoughts along with some arguably-artistic doodles.
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5 Reviews4.0/5
I love quick reads that give me insight into the reality of an industry. Dan definitely provides that. Not only does he open up about mistakes he’s made, he even provides a list of resources for printing merch, which is something I always stress out about when the time comes.
I got my copy this week! Can’t wait to dig in.
Fantastic read with a multitude of gems and solid advice. Who doesn’t love a short read too, right? Highly recommended!
Witty, concise, and authentic. Loved what Dan was able to accomplish in a gorgeously designed book.
Looks beautiful. Shipping is going to cost more than the book, so I might hold off until it appears on local shelves, if it does.