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September 4th, 2017

Our new competitor. 🅿️
I Want The Parking App
Over the weekend, Basecamp designer Tara Mann tweeted: “Quick mock for a really dumb app I wish existed.... CAN I PARK HERE OR NOT?

It went viral. Clearly she's onto something.

Given the competitive nature of this hypothetical parking app with our very own Parking App, we've reached out to Tara to see if she had any intentions of building the product. She said: “It's funny that people even cared about it, I was totally joking at first.”

Despite our best efforts to prevent this untimely competitor, Tara seems set on building the Parking App (if enough people want it to happen).

Subscribe to Tara's Upcoming Page if you want the Parking App.

P.S. If you're interesting in working on this, DM @TaraMann.
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