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#2 Product of the WeekSeptember 05, 2017

Semplice 4 is a fully responsive portfolio & web editor system based on WordPress to help you create beautiful case studies or pretty much any website without knowing how to code. 💛

But we prefer to show you what thousands of others have already done with it, instead of empty talk.


  • Allen RapadasArt Director @ NeutriSci International

    Perfect for less web-inclined designers, and saves a hell of a lot of time if you're a developer.


    No demo or trial, pretty steep pricing if you're just starting out.

    Been following Semplice since Semplice 2, they've made some crazy intuitive changes that really just make managing a portfolio (even with tons of projects) a breeze. I definitely recommend this!

  • valeriDesigner, Web & Mobile Developer

    It's a good tool for creating portfolios, but nobody can't test with trial version.


    Video is little to show tool quality.

    Gives the possibility to be able to use it for free (trial version)


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Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
Misleading tag line.
Tobias van SchneiderMaker@vanschneider · Designer & Maker
@faisal_hassanx Fixed it for you Faisal! ✌🏼
Tobias van SchneiderMaker@vanschneider · Designer & Maker
Hello friends! After what felt like forever, we finally launched the new Semplice 4. It's a completely re-designed and re-developed product from scratch. After working on it for more than a year now we're finally ready to share it with you (fully knowing, this is only the beginning for us). We collected some of our favorite things from the new Semplice 4 here: We also created some more in-depth videos here: And if you're new to Semplice in general, best way to check out and our feature page ___ I know, all of this is a lot to take in, but I'm happy to answer any of your questions below. PS: If you've been an existing customer from the past years, the first link should answer all of your questions. If not, comment below or shoot a quick email to Thank you so much again for supporting a small independent product company (such as ourselves) and looking forward to hear what you think of the new Semplice. 💛 Keep creating, Tobias & the Semplice team
Pierre Ragois@vpierrev · Designer & co-funder @Kuroneko_io
@semplice @vanschneider Best of luck for this new version! Already seen it in use, amazing job as always :)
Alex Dovhyi@alex_dovhyi · An artist at
@vanschneider really love the feature with editing for each breakpoint! This will help a lot when making websites for mobile 👌
Orçun İlbeyli@nucro · Product Designer
I wish I would be able to try it our before actually purchasing it. Not talking about buying it and refund if I don't like...
Tobias van SchneiderMaker@vanschneider · Designer & Maker
@nucro We're on it Orçun! Hope to be able to give you something like a demo soon.
Orçun İlbeyli@nucro · Product Designer
Paul Jarvis@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
Emmanuel Lemor@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
It's not clear to me, when you say it's based on Wordpress, do you mean the code? or that it sits on top of a Wordpress installation or that you were inspired by Wordpress? Some of the options above are fine some are a recipe for disaster :/ lol
Surjith S M@surjithctly · Freelance Web / UX Designer
@exlemor I'd say that's a genius marketing technique by @vanschneider. It just a WordPress theme with page Builder :D But they never advertised as it is.
Emmanuel Lemor@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
@vanschneider @surjithctly If that's true, highly misleading, borderline unethical - and putting people in the mess that WP on the allure of something awesome doesn't ring great.