To-do list app for couples living together

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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2017

Merge is the to-do list app for couples living together. Seamlessly coordinate, manage, and collaborate on everyday household tasks over your very own private network.


  • Nate KettlesProduct Manager in South Africa

    It's trying to solve problems typically associated with living together


    The UX is pretty poor - for example assigning a task to someone

    It's difficult to learn

    The ads are incredibly obtrusive

    We currently use Trello to manage to-do's as well as shopping and I think that works way better. I'll continue using that for now.

  • Pros: 

    The concept is nice assigning tasks for couples


    Poor UI

    There was an app 4 years ago, their UI was incredibly nice and it was easy to use but they are out of the market because they couldn't monetize it.

    Holding hands pic could be replaced by a symbol or an illustration...


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Ben Tossell@bentossell · Co-Founder, Token Daily
Sent this to my girlfriend... Instantly regret showing her this exists 😩
Benny Lewis@irishpolyglot · Founder of Fluent in 3 Months
Steven RueterMaker@rueter · Developer
Derek J. SineHiring@dereksine · Managing Director, Vander Group.
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
@bentossell your post seemed to scream "wow this really works, but I am regretting sending it because I now have to be accountable" which is why I signed up. Lol 🤓
Andrew Bergson@andrew_bergson · Texts to tule the world!
Hey Steven! Do you plan to release an Android version?
Steven RueterMaker@rueter · Developer
@andrew_bergson absolutely! Having just been released for iOS, I'll look to prove over the next several weeks that the concept is viable. If so (and I'm hopeful it is) I will focus on completing Merge for Android. Thanks for your comment.
Sam Sexton@samsexton · Email Specialist
@andrew_bergson @rueter I hope so. My home life may depend on you releasing this for Android!
Ayodele Odubela@ayodele_odubela
@rueter @samsexton same! My boo has an android.
Steven RueterMaker@rueter · Developer
@ayodele_odubela Android in the pipeline, ill keep you posted! Thanks for your comment!
John Malkovich@johnmal81355677 · Go digital!
Looks promising. Need Android, though.
Steven RueterMaker@rueter · Developer
@johnmal81355677 agreed. And soon. Thanks for your comment.
Romain Violleau@rviolleau · Co-Founder & CEO @ On Rewind (acquired)
Cool concept but the design need to be more sexy in my point of view.
Steven RueterMaker@rueter · Developer
@rviolleau I appreciate your feedback. I agree there is definitely room for improvement. I initially wanted to focus on a bare bones/zero space design while emphasizing ease-of-use in order to test usability. I'll be tightening things up over the coming iterations.
Mike Acler@agilek · Chief Prototyper,
@rviolleau @rueter Hey, if you need help with UX/design, hit me up! It looks like fun project to work on!
Romain Violleau@rviolleau · Co-Founder & CEO @ On Rewind (acquired)
@rueter Ok I understand ;) Looking for your next update.
Steven RueterMaker@rueter · Developer
@rviolleau I'm starting to focus on cleaning up the UI. If you have any specific feedback, please feel free to email me at so we can keep the conversation going. I need all the help I can get!
Jan Deruyck@janjeanjack · Director Sales & Marketing, ITP
@rviolleau @rueter I'm afraid the real estate you saved for the actual to do's is too big compared to the 'hit boxes' you provided to add tasks and save them. Really hard to finalise a to do, have to push it a couple of times. So UX really needs an overhaul for this to really kick off your aquisition and engagement KPI's.
Josue Roberto@rsencion · Turning minds forward
Good idea, the moment I read the description I was like "Finally, somebody thought of this, let's click download" couldn't try it though cuz I have an Android phone.
Steven RueterMaker@rueter · Developer
@rsencion lol, great comment. Once I've seen that there's viability, I will make sure to build the best possible app experience for Android. Thanks for your support!