Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 30th, 2017

The Butt Case Explained 📱🍑
Renowned artist Allen Hirsch, who has painted the likes of Bill Clinton and multiple TIME covers, conceived of the idea for HandL to solve his own problem: using his phone while holding a paintbrush.

Last week we caught up with Allen in his New York City studio, where he showed us the design process for his latest creation: The Butt Case.

“Touching the buttocks has been one of the most pleasant tactile experiences I have known. It is ergonomic, soft and comfortable to rest one’s hand against. I began the search for the perfect material for this; scouring stores, and running my hands over every kind of product and surface. I finally found something containing a particular mix of semi-liquid silicone and knew it felt right.” – Allen

One of HandL’s goals is to bring us back in touch with touch, which is the most fundamental and honest form of communication. This case wants to make touching our phones feel like an extension of our bodies.

Allen is on Product Hunt today. Ask him about HandL, the Butt Case, his artwork, and you may also know him from a recent New York Times documentary about his monkey 🐒 (
Watch The Video 🎥
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