Waddle Photos is a tool that allows you to turn photos and videos of your children into meaningful stories. Share completely privately throughout the day.

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Hi Product Hunters, Since the birth of our daughter my wife and I have taken thousands of photos of our family, all of which have been sitting on a hard drive unseen. Dropbox was too complicated for grandparents, Google too messy... I needed something that was straight-forward and one that I could control. That's how Waddle was born. This app is meant to deliver the joy of sharing photos on places like Instagram, but without the oversight of the Big Brother. Your photos and videos are only seeing by the people you specifically allow to see them, and no one else. Since testing this with my family, we've shared hundreds of great memories, so much so that even great-grandparents visit the app twice a day. They love it, and whenever something doesn't work, I can just fix it for them. Grandparents just get a simple URL from me to visit, and accounts/passwords is all managed by me. The app is a work in progress, but if you have similar needs, I would love to get your feedback and make something that helps not just my family, but a broader community. p.s. There is no iPhone/Android app yet. It's all web based and optimized to work well in the browser. We just welcomed our second daughter, so both apps will be available in the fall once I start sleeping again :)
@kirillzubovsky Really nice, Kirill. Thanks!
@akhakhariev thanks. Appreciate it. Lmk how it works out!

A good gift


Will make your child feel special


Very limited use

“Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do. It is much easier to skip it and go from one childhood to another.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald


Sweet memories which you are sharing with beloved people!


Cons? I don't know any.

Pros: Great for sharing daily special moments with different sets of grandparents overseas who are now all addicted to our daily updates. Also perfect for keeping and accessing a subset of only the photos I want, saves from sorting thru the other millions of photos. I figure the albums would be perfect to just hand over to my little girls when they grow up. Cons: May cause whining grandparents when you miss a day's update ^^;;
Brilliant idea, Kirill! My parents will be super excited to use it once we welcome our first-born child to the world! Thank you so much for sharing it!
@dkornyukhov excellent. glad to hear! keep in mind the app's still rough around the edge, but I am making it better every day. feel free to reach out and let me know any other feedback you might have. email is on the sidebar once you're logged in :)