Ever wished your design and spec documents had more context? With Marvel + Dropbox Paper, you can now embed interactive prototypes directly into your document!

Simply paste in your Marvel link into any Paper doc and it will be transformed into a clickable experience. Everything stays updated in real-time too!

See an example here

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Great news. Any plans to include animation soon Murat?
As big users of both Dropbox Paper and Marvel, this is gonna come in handy around here. Nice job Marvel team – seems like there's a new feature or improvement ever day lately!
Very cool. Will check in with the designers I work with whether this is something they could take advantage of!
This looks very cool. We unfortunately don't use Dropbox, so I will just jealously watch the demo video over and over to imagine myself doing this instead of sending links to InVision every which way. Nice work!
Looks cool but I'm not on Dropbox... Will you integrate it with GDrive or another cloud solution?