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September 3rd, 2017

Free shirts! Be brutally honest. 👕📮
Last week we launched one of our biggest Product Hunt updates, including badges, descriptions, product reviews (and offered t-shirts to the most popular ones). Unlike comments, reviews are categorized by sentiment, and include both positive and critical feedback for makers to work on. 

From the thousands of submissions, here are snippets of the most helpful reviews so far (click the name for the full review).

• Brendan Hersh on CarrdThe most amazing web building platform I've seen to date – and trust me, I've tried everything.

• Jack Dweck on Apple AirPodsThe best Apple product since the iPhone. I don't go anywhere without my AirPods.

• Eugine Dychko on Crello: Really easy to use, lots of free templates. Would be great to include presentation templates.

• Roxanne Girouard on Taffy (a new dating app): I totally enjoy that I can chat with the person before my photo is totally clear.

• Evan Zimmerman on CryptoLadder: It's a fun app! Best way to casually update yourself on the crypto market I've seen so far.

More Free Product Hunt Shirts 😻

Many of the most upvoted products have yet to be reviewed by the community. As a small incentive, we'll send shirts to 10 of the most helpful reviews that are added today. 👕📮

Get started by browsing through the most upvoted products of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, or log in and revisit products you've upvoted in the past.
Review The 1,000 Club 🏆
Update: How to Launch on Product Hunt Guide now covers the new enhanced product profiles, including descriptions, social links, media, and a new section on promoting your product. 📈🚀
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