Subscription-Free, Synced & Secured Markdown Notes.

Tempad is a subscription-free, ad-free and simple yet innovative way of typing of note taking.

Featuring forever free syncing with iOS + Android without iCloud lock-in.

No hassle, no distractions, just you and your notes.



Android: Was planned. Cancelled.

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Launching an IOS only app tells the world that the product's makers are not inclusive and could be 1%-ers (rich elites) that only interact with other 1%-ers.


Great concept, i've been waiting for a product like this ... but


iOS only!? Sadface.

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Most probably you were confused by tags listed in a product description. Happy to inform you that Tempad for macOS was release more than 1 your prior to Tempad for iOS. It is available on Mac App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/tem... If you have any other questions you can reach us http://tempad.io/support
I won iPhone 11by spine board what I do next
Any plans on adding tags? Its crucial to my workflow and I prefer categorizing my notes.
@lr_94 I agree, this would make Tempad much appealing for Bear users.
@lr_94 hmmm... Now tags are to be seriously considered! Thanks for the suggestion.
@inlinecoder Thanks Pavel would definitely make the switch from Bear once this is implemented. Looking forward to it.
@thetiffanytso This and if there was a way to export the notes to Tempad.
@thetiffanytso @lr_94 importing notes from various sources is already on a roadmap. Glad to hear you'd like to switch :)
How does this compare to Ulysses/iAWriter?
@manuelauer first, that's a bit incorrect to compare Ulysses vs. Tempad, as the first one is a behemoth for professional writers, but still, it's ok to compare iAWriter vs. Tempad as their functionality and purpose have a greater intersection. It's a matter of what you prefer visually in terms of being native and behave like that; features; etc. Tempad is no feature creep app and it doesn't try to cover all possible writing / note taking scenarios. In other words, for writing books and exporting PDFs you'd use Ulysses as you're a professional writer. But, if you're interested in a much simpler note taking flow with no iCloud lock-in (so you can access your data beyond Apple eco-system), you'd enjoy Tempad. (there're no plans to compete with Ulysses directly)
I like the idea but why force a cloud storage provider on users instead of just allowing them to choose whichever one they want? I don't like being forced to store my data with Google, or logging into sites via Facebook, etc. There's a lot of language on the app's page about "platform lock-in" via iCloud - which is fine, that's understandable. But isn't this just forcing "data lock-in" with Google (in the case of sync)? Just a thought.
@hayden_evans I hate to login anywhere either with facebook, twitter or anything else (so I know what you feel), but we had no choice, but relying on Google with their free services OR writing our own sync service with our own servers. We can't afford keeping server up and running for our own cost. This model just doesn't work. Plus, iCloud is a closed system, you know that. Embedded ads or s**t like that is not a solution and never will be considered. Or maybe you want yet another yearly subscription? :) Relying on iCloud (as we had it in early working prototypes) is a deal-breaker for Android, Windows and Web access... :(
@inlinecoder Totally understand! What are your thoughts on Dropbox as an alternative? Also, let me just say that it is definitely refreshing to see that you have built a product that is not ad-based opting instead for a purchase model - I really hate the ad model as it has severely brought down the quality of software in general. Overall, this app does look great, keep up the good work!
@hayden_evans I second this. iOS and macOS app that doesn't work with iCloud is a no-go for me.
@hayden_evans @happygezim hmmmm.. Ok, added iCloud to a consideration list a one of sync sources.
What a simple and beautiful note taking app! I've been looking for something like this for quite some time now! Congrats on the launch, guys!