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March 5th, 2023


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7 new health and fitness apps to kick off this springtime

We don’t know about you, but the thought of winter being almost over and having a little more daylight sounds thrilling. 

If New Year's resolutions didn’t turn out the way we promised ourselves, don’t fret. Maybe we just needed a warm breeze to get back into the healthy life mindset. 

Makers seem to be on the same page, as we’ve seen many health and fitness apps launch recently. But will AI make it easier to stick to healthy habits? Here’s a highlight of what caught our attention.

Melany is an AI chat acting as your fitness and nutritionist coach. 

Similarly, Nara helps you stay on track by providing personalized recommendations, recipe suggestions, food tracking, and healthier food options for groceries and restaurants through SMS. 

Gentler Streak, Apple’s 2022 Watch App of the Year, proposes daily workout actions that keep you within healthy activity levels in a gentler way. provides free audio tracks to help you pick up the Yoga Nidra practice.

The Prana Wearable uses real-time sensor feedback to guide three essential aspects of breathwork: diaphragmatic breathing, proper posture, and optimal breath patterns.

Habits promotes good habits by calculating their impact on yourself (your health, your finances) and on the environment (water consumption, CO2).

Tell littlecook what’s left in your fridge, and it’ll generate recipes based on those ingredients. Home-cooked meals + less waste = 🫶

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