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November 6th, 2018
That's right. Today's Daily is about politics in light of Election Day in the U.S. If you haven't already, go vote (...after reading this very important email).

The presidential election isn't until 2020 but today's midterm elections remain incredibly important, shaping the House and Senate. A massive amount of voters (36 million!) have already cast their ballot ahead of today's election, pointing to the possibility of a record turnout for a midterm. 😳

We went down the Product Hunt rabbit hole and found some cool tools to help you get to the polls and exercise your right today:

🇺🇸Vote.org is building tech that removes the barriers to voting. You can look up your nearest polling place so you know where to go today and they'll show you who and what will be on your local ballot.

👀 EveryPolitician is a rich open database on politicians, including everything from biographical details to social accounts.

🗳VoteWithMe matches your phone contacts with a voter file to show you registered friends who needs to get to the polls

💻Vote Banner is a small javascript snippet to add a banner to your site to remind your users to go vote.

☎️Dial Congress is a Chrome plugin that displays the phone number of a member of the U.S. Congress when you hover over their name. You can use this to let your legislators know how you feel about political issues in the future.

See you at the polls!
ATTN: Makers! ICYMI over the weekend, 1Kprojects is a marketplace to buy and sell side projects.
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