The world’s richest open dataset on politicians

EveryPolitician is a database of 77,636 politicians from 233 countries (so far).

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EveryPolitician is awesome! On Politwoops I'm using the data to match the party to the politicians (As I use Twitter lists to actually get the handles of the politicians)
Sounds like a cool idea, but I cant find a scenario where I would be using this.
@sachinb91 Generally, I've used it for projects where you would need to get a list of a politicians for a given area, or would need to get contact info for those politicians (for example, a write-to-your-politician tool). But of course it depends on what you're interested in (for me, this tool is a God-send).
This is great, I think we need more devs in this space. It's hard to keep up with all the different names in your county, so this helps uncover who/what our votes are going to.
Public data neatly presented.