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Encourage your users to vote in the U.S. midterm elections

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Vote Banner is a drop-in snippet that helps people exercise their voting rights & access relevant voting information.

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Ian Webster
Ian WebsterMaker@iwebst · Engineer
If you're interested in politics or the upcoming midterm elections in the US (Nov 6), you can make a big impact by helping to register voters and get people to the polls. I create this small JS snippet that adds a banner to your site. Because ProductHunt has a huge combined web audience, it's one of the easiest ways we can promote democracy and help people exercise their rights. This banner is currently displaying to over 20,000 people per day.
Laura Carpenter
Laura Carpenter@laura_carpenter · CEO & Co-Founder of Abridge News
Hi Ian! I love this concept. Kudos on building something in the civic tech space. Pros: - Simple and effective Cons / Questions: - How customizable is the banner? Can I change the color or design to match my company's branding?
Ian Webster
Ian WebsterMaker@iwebst · Engineer
@laura_carpenter Thanks! The background color/button color/text etc is customizable via the JS config object. You can also override the CSS classes if you prefer :)