1Kprojects is a curated marketplace where makers sell their neglected projects for

less than $1000.

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👋Hello PH, I'm Othmane and I am thrilled to do my first product hunt launch! 1Kprojects is the first project out of my challenge to overcome maker paralysis by shipping a new product every 2 weeks, so far it's going great! 💡 I've always wanted to just buy a cool project on a whim, without thinking much about it. But that's something I've never been able to do due to the high prices and low quality websites available on marketplaces like flippa. And like all of us makers, I have many abandoned projects, that I know other people would find valuable. 💸That's why I made 1Kprojects, which is a curated marketplace where makers can buy and sell neglected side projects for less than $1000. 🛍As a buyer, you get a weekly email with the latest curated projects, all priced $1k or less. 🤝As a seller, you can put unlimited projects on sale, completely for free, and only pay when you actually get legitimate offers ( all offers are manually approved ). 🙏Let me know what you think about the model, and how you think I can improve the product to better fit your needs as a buyer or a seller. Thank you!
@eothmane Great Job Here. I will add some search option and definitely a category in order to be able to see what type of project, as well for subscription - in order to get only those projects that I am interesting to buy. Will be great to see a filter with MRR - 0, and >0
Hi this is pretty cool. I sat and filled out the submission form then got a message telling me the screenshot (which is required) is more than 500kb and thus inadmissible. I’m on my phone and took a screenshot using the standard way. If your not accommodating standard iPhone screenshots then you are massively restricting the number of people who can upload. The form was pretty lengthy and I wrote a lot of detail, I’m not not going to go back and do that all again for the sake of getting a smaller screenshot.
@mickc79 Thanks for the feedback, and apologies for this. I've increased the limit to 1500KB. If you still have the page open, you can just resubmit the form without having to write everything from scratch again. If not, I'll see if I can find a way to get your initial submission back and contact you directly.
@mickc79 I had the same experience. Not going to submit again.
@mickc79 @jakeboyles Apologies for the inconvenience. I've already increased the screenshot limit size to 1500 KB so I'm not sure what issue you had while submitting ?
@mickc79 @jakeboyles @eothmane Maybe try not clearing the form when submission fails, which sounds like part of the issue
What's the point of capturing MRR? These are abandoned projects that people want to flick for < $1000, whatever meagre revenue they ever had would be meaningless
Sounds great. Is there any escrow service?
@pastelpad Not at the moment. Sellers can reach out to buyers and discuss the details of the sale privately.
Cool idea mate! Can you please add filter for mrr so I can see >0?
@andreyazimov Will do in a few days if it makes sense. Thank you for the kind words ( And the inspiration ;) )