Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 23rd, 2016

Products we're thankful for 🚽
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Thanksgiving, a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest, or in Product Hunt terms, a day of giving thanks to this incredible community and all the products you help build.

Some of these products we rely on and use every day of the week. We are very thankful to:

🌍 Slack for keeping our remote team connected
🐥 Buffer for the #Socialz and Respond for communicating
🤗 Giphy for all the GIFs in Slack, Twitter & everywhere in-between
☁️ CloudApp for GIF creation right at the top of your screen
🔎 Zoom Enhance for quickly making any photo interesting
🎉 Linkmoji for turning regular URLs into clickable emoji links
🚽 Squatty Potty for improved toilet posture and its incredible video

A special thanks to all the past and upcoming Live Chat guests that have and will be joining us. We encourage you all to share the products you're thankful for with #productsilove on Twitter.
The 12 Most Influential Reads for Software Engineers: A collection of books of must-reads for developers this holiday season. Notable highlights include Clean Code and The Art of Computer Programming. 💻🛠
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