Fiction written by neural networks

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For the past few months I've been working on a project with some close friends that I wanted to share. Literai is a website that showcases fiction written by computers (neural networks to be precise). It sounds like science fiction, but it is actually possible to train a computer to write creative works and we've written a tutorial that makes it easy for anyone to make their own! Seeing your computer write its own novel fiction is a really magical experience and I hope you try it for yourself!
@myles_o_neill Excited to try it out, just read one of the Star Wars scripts :)
@decision_ Awesome! Hope to see your creations on the site :)
@myles_o_neill Hoping you are working on a UI front end to minimize all the CMD windows that have to be opened and scripts to be run. Even so, this is one of the simpler AI projects I've seen. Nice docs and tutorials. One note - might be worth mentioning how large the DL is of the torch-rnn dock as I had to kill mid-DL when I made the mistake of starting to try it the first time via a mobile connection. Once you've DL'd the first time it loads locally (as your tutorial notes), but if I didn't have a huge data plan... ouch :-)
@naweg Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree that we could take it further and abstract away the command line (that is what we really need to make it truly accessible) - our hope was that this was a good first step. I'll definitely update the tutorial to mention the download size too.
@myles_o_neill Super excited to try this! Such an exciting time w/ all of the machine learning projects coming out. Any technical documents on how you put literai together ( infrastructure, frameworks, GPU vs CPU, etc ? ). Looking forward to following your journey!
Wait is this how Westworld ends? (I love this so much btw.)
This project looks really cool! I can't believe how accessible ML is starting to become.
@_samuelbeard Thank you! It is definitely my belief that there is currently a lot of really easy to use (in principle) ML code out there - but no where near enough work bringing that to (non-technical) people who could use it. That was part of the goal of this project.
I was looking for project like this. It's awesome. Especially thank you for the tutorial!
@rmilovanov I hope its helpful! Please post any work you make with it back to the site :)
This looks really interesting. Does it work in other languages?
@cosminbaluta Yep, it works in every language (real or imagined) since it learns from scratch based on the materials you give it.