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Keeping in the theme of our last few additions to the Buffer app family this Mac app has been built to offer a basic composer to your Mac's status bar, just like Daily by Buffer we wanted to keep this lean but useful. You can drag links & images to the Buffer icon to quickly compose an update to keep your Buffer filled to the brim. We'll be taking feedback as always and updating the app with new features over the coming months. :) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :)
@ay8s I like the design, nice work! Quick bits of feedback after trying it out: I can't quit the app until I'm signed in, it'd be nice to have that option always available. And for the login, it'd be nice if it opened in a browser, since I can't use 1Password to fill in my login when it's inside the menubar app.
@ay8s Great stuff. Would love to see auto-complete.
@BelleBCooper Great thought there Belle. Will see what we can do there to make 1Password auth possible :)
@bgadoci Awesome idea Brandon. It isn't on our cards just yet as I'm working away on Share Now/Next and scheduling but definitely high up on the list. :)
@joelgascoigne seen this yet? Edit: didn't know he was a Buffer employee and thought he just made this for fun :P
@ay8s very smart. I frequently use the Buffer Chrome extension to buffer tweet and share images that aren't necessarily from the page I'm currently viewing. I like the speed and persistence of having Buffer in my status bar. What are you planning to change or add to it?
@rrhoover We've got a few things in mind, we tried to keep the first version simple to see if there is a use case for it. The first things will be the addition of Share Now/Share Next options along custom scheduling. We'll also be adding options to open on login along with hotkey support to make opening the composer super easy. Would love to hear what you want to see in it. :)
@ay8s Was just going to suggest custom scheduling - that was the first thing I wanted to do with it!
GET IT link takes me to US itunes store where I am told its not available in US Mac Store. (I am in France on US Itunes Account) FYI.
Glad to see this release. Buffer is a big part of my social media workflow (when I'm on top of it).
@alexdalenberg Great to hear it Alex! Be sure to let us know what you think! :)