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Hello! I'm Tucker, Product Manager on Frenzy. Frenzy came to be from one of Shopify's quarterly hackdays projects, with the goal of changing flash sales for both merchants and consumers forever. Frenzy is the best way to buy from brands you love. Whether you’re looking to buy rare products, discover new ones, or learn about new brands, Frenzy is the place to do it. Rather than waiting in line at a retail store, missing out online, or simply forgetting about a sale – Frenzy puts the hype of the best product releases in your pocket. When you buy from a seller on Frenzy, it’s just like buying from them in person – but you can do it anywhere in the world. Frenzy will be launching this week with merchants Kith, Love Your Melon, Raised by Wolves, Off the Hook, and more, who will be selling products exclusively on the app. Happy to answer any questions!
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@tuckerschreiber would love to learn more
Historically, Shopify's focused on building a whitelabel platform to make it super easy to sell online. Is this the first direct-to-consumer product you've launched, @tuckerschreiber?
@rrhoover @tuckerschreiber Hi Ryan. That's a good question. Frenzy is not the first consumer facing app we've launched and likely won't be the last.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! As Erik mentioned, it isn't the first consumer facing app we've launched (Sello was an experiment in the consumer space too
Congrats @tuckerschreiber and team! (you guys are trending on the App Store right now! 😮). What kind of product features do you plan on adding to future Frenzy updates?
@cpollo01 Thanks Corey! We're really interested in digging deeper in to the community aspect of these types of releases. We know the audience around sneaker, cosmetics, music, and arts love sharing information about releases with one another so we're excited to see how we can implement that type of interaction in to a future release.
Damn I'm in whenever you want for this SF AF1 at $.50 ! 😬
Aww yea *licks lips slowly*