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Jeff HodsdonMaker@jhodsdon · Zoom, Enhance!
Dear Everyone of Product Hunt, there comes a time in everyones life, a time when you notice something. Something strange about the photo you are looking at. "Wait" "What...." "What is that!" You noticed "it". The feeling of discovery hits you. It's hard for people to describe this "it". But one thing is always the same. You need to Zoom... Enhance... on it. While working with the best scientists from around the globe, we've created a piece of iPhone software that will do just that. The right enhancement algorithms you need to get in there. Please paste any Zoom, Enhance GIFs or Videos in here. We'd love to feature them on our Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/zoomen...
Ben Nesvig@bennesvig
@jhodsdon Great work on this. It's one of the most fun apps I've downloaded in a while.
Sam Biddle@samfbiddle · senior writer, gawker
@jhodsdon what a perfect little app
Jeff HodsdonMaker@jhodsdon · Zoom, Enhance!
@samfbiddle Thank you Sam! Although a little app, we have big plans!
Сергей Коновалов@deleted-283329 · Machine learning, Connected cars
@jhodsdon long, long time ago, before GIF got that popular again, we released an app called #focality with similar functionality but with static images: https://www.instagram.com/explor... We used to call this effect "a dramatic zoom")) So, I wish you success, guys! Your zoom is cool.
shlomi sammy@shlomisammy · CEO SHLOMO.ME
@jhodsdon why no option to remove the water mark, after paying for app?!
Jeff HodsdonMaker@jhodsdon · Zoom, Enhance!
⚠️Major feature alert⚠️ Facebook supports these as profile pics! Get that profile pic away from a still photo!
Adam KopecMaker@akopec · Design Director @HODINKEE
James Burton@jamesburton69 · @jamesburton69
@jhodsdon Wait how? the video? That's epic!
P A S Q U A L E@pasql · Partner at Thinko
I think: yes
Michael 😍 GalpertPro@msg · msg on twitter
The simplicity of this app is awesome. The first zoom I created is already getting passed around amongst friends.
Jeff HodsdonMaker@jhodsdon · Zoom, Enhance!
@msg Thank you Michael! We really wanted the "Zoom -> Whole Friend Group Laughing" process to be quick as a cheetah. @akopec is a baller designer.
Adam KopecMaker@akopec · Design Director @HODINKEE
@msg Thanks dude <3
Adam KopecMaker@akopec · Design Director @HODINKEE
Dreams do come true :'(