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Google Sites is a decent solution for internal wiki's and documentation.
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@rrhoover What are you using at ProductHunt for an internal wiki? Would love to talk to you about Tettra.co if you're using Slack and don't have anything setup yet.
@andygcook you guys at Tettra.co are using something to internal wiki's? Do you know some tool for small businesses communication? We are using google docs to create our alignment docs, but it's hard to find content over there.
@oandre Have you tried Quip? For document sharing, editing, Quip is great. @andygcook
@pravilz @oandre My team is building an internal wiki for teams right now, so we use Tettra.co at Tettra :) Right now Tettra's for Slack teams only, but we plan to add Google Apps login support soon too. If you're not using Slack, Google Sites would be my suggestion for an internal wiki for your team. The new version is pretty good for creating a static handbook like experience. It lacks features to help you keep your team's knowledge up-to-date and organized, which is something we're working on at Tettra. We also make it easy to access Tettra right from your Slack through a /slash command. You could also checkout Nuclino, Notion.so and Quip, although my belief is that those three are less wiki-focused and are more replacements for Google Docs that you can happen to turn into a wiki with enough jiggering. There's also the tried-and-true Confluence by Atlassian. It's a solid product and does basically everything you'd need, but can also feel like overkill at times because it does everything you might not need too.
@andygcook @pravilz @oandre Tettra is pretty slick - but I am just not prepared to open yet another knowledge silo and then pay an additional monthly fee. No slight on the Tettra guys intended, the product looks great and you got to make a living. This is part of our existing google suite and a great addition for internal comms.
No safari support?
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@garetmckinley Safari is the new IE 😅
Not bad. I gave myself exactly 20 minutes to build a site, just to see what I could do on a first run. Here's what I managed: https://sites.google.com/view/sm...
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Easy to use. An ideal solution to quickly built a website within a team who don't have huge web experience.
As @rrhoover mentioned, it looks like more of an intranet or internal simple page builder for businesses to create a simple page fast and share with their coworkers. Definitely not powerful enough to make high-end websites (aka. WordPress-style).