What are you working on this weekend?

Calum Webb
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Hey Makers! I'm Calum and I'll be around all weekend to help answer any questions you might have about launching on Product Hunt 👋 If you're working on something this weekend, share it with us below! While you're at it, be sure to help out another maker -- check out their launch, give a review or share a comment on their post. Have a great weekend! 🥳


Hi Calum! Working on https://www.thelifeproject.co/ with no-code tools, enjoying the ride! I have yet to work out an automated email reminder & continue to add content, then hopefully I'll be ready to launch. Looking forward to see other projects on this thread :)
Calum Webb
@delphine2 Wow this looks really great, love the idea of a website to discover life principles from leaders and philosophers. The Toy Faces from @amritpaldesign are a really nice touch too :) Best of luck with your upcoming launch!
sulyman moyo
@delphine2 Interesting idea , what's your No code stack?
@delphine2 This is great! This resonates with me quite well! I built an app to log your accomplishments and create hype docs, you can check it out here https://hypeup.club I am sure you will love the idea of it!
@repreneur @sahil_patel4 Webflow + Memberstack! I think I might move to Airtable for the database in the future, and I think I'm gonna need Zappier soon to trigger emails on the back of people saving cards
@nihalwashere Yes I've seen you on the newsletter, love the idea! I've been doing this manually on Notion for years to boost my mood when the imposter syndrome kicks in ;)
Tuhin Roy
Hey Calum! I'm taking user interviews for the pilot version of https://jobsto.in/ Also, I'm planning to create an ad campaign for it tomorrow on Facebook and Instagram. Hoping for a productive weekend :)
Calum Webb
@troy96 This is really cool, interviews can be pretty nerve-racking, so getting a better idea of what to expect would be really helpful. Good luck with the ad campaign and user interviews :)
Tuhin Roy
@repreneur What does it show?
Tuhin Roy
@calum Yes indeed. This is what it will offer to the job seekers so they are better prepped. Thanks a lot for your wishes. The campaign went pretty good :). Building the pilot now.
Tuhin Roy
@repreneur I see. May I know from where are you trying to access the site? I mean the location and browser
John Torjo
Hey Calum! Just launched Cinematic Studio on PH! (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) Hoping for a productive weekend :)
Michael Andreuzza
Hi Calum! I am going to be working on https://www.wickedtemplates.com - I will be starting a new template. - Work on the performance. - Adding some features. let's see how it goes.
Calum Webb
@michael_andreuzza Oh nice one, the templates look really slick! Big fan of the 'Wicked Blog'/ synthwave one!
Michael Andreuzza
Thanks a lot @calum! ohh the Synthwave!? that's a fav one!
Ivanna Wendel
Hi Calum, nice to e-meet you :) Thanks for being here for makers! The support and help means a lot! We are working on https://labioffice.com Suite - Zero Code Apps for Development, Marketing, Management, Sales & Customer Support. Launching product after product in here on Product Hunt :) Already scheduling the next launch for June with our next product from LabiOffice Suite :)
Calum Webb
@ivanna_wendel That's exciting, congrats on the upcoming launch! Really love how clear the Labioffice roadmap is on the website 🙌
Codacity LLC
Hi Calum! I recently released my App, working on some bug fixes and UI improvements and then releasing a new version this weekend :D https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Aleks Bochkov
Great initiative! 🚀🚀🚀
Hey Calum, I am working on https://cheersly.club Currently adding a feature to it! Team members can redeem their cheers against certain rewards! Planning to launch the platform on Product Hunt soon! Excited!
Dan Benchetrit
Working on this baby right here: https://chooder.com/ Just got into production, If anyone here want to get access for free I will create a free account personally for you. Thinking about this as a pilot for my app.
Aishwarya Ashok
Hey Calum, Worked and launched a public tool/repository with feel-good ideas and activities. One Good Thing Thought it would be a boost for most of us, to seek a little joy and motivation amidst the hard times. :) Have a safe and wonderful weekend, y'all!
Clément Jacquelin
Working on ... taking some rest time ! Our illustrations are coming soon, but this week, we are off :)
Alom Khan
Interesting idea , what's your No code stack?
Manoj Ranaweera
Hi Calum I'm working on https://skilledup.life. We just went passed 500 volunteers from 36 countries ready to help early stage tech startups free. Love to hear what you think about our 2-sided market place.
Eric Bae
A new project started! Pyro! - https://www.pyro.app - a tool for creating your very own video curation community!
Else Vindshoej
Working on https://goplan.online and trying to figure out the hard part about getting people to know and use your product. I guess I can find some good advice here on Product Hunt :)
Hannah Wright
Hi Calum, I am working on https://lingolegend.com, a mobil game for language learners! We are planning to launch within the next 2 months. Wondering about how a product like a mobile game will fair on product hunt. It's not the typical type of product you see here.
Calum Webb
@hannah_wright1 This looks fun, I've just voted to add Swedish! I've definitely seen some interesting mobile games and language learning tools do really well on Product Hunt, so I'm sure you'll have a great launch. Excited to get access when Lingo Legend is live 🙌
Hey Calum! Thanks for doing this. I'm currently working on https://varnan.in/ and have just a few last minute details to add before I launch soon! Please let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions! Thank you:)
Else Vindshoej
@priyal What a wonderful idea to get children to know about your country's history and culture by parents reading emails as bedtime stories. I can see the potential in expanded this for more countries. Who are writing the stories? Is it a portal so different writers can contribute?
@else_vindshoej Thank you so much! Yes, in the future we're definitely planning to expand this for more countries. Right now, we have a small team of content writers who are extremely passionate about Indian history and culture. We will soon be opening up for other writers to contribute, too!
Patrick Burns
Hey Calum! We’re working on Commons (http://commons.so/), a private “Clubhouse” for your team to collaborate and connect. Currently doing last min prep for our public beta launch next week! Ping me if you want to try it!
Aaditya Joshi
Hi Calum! Just launched our hackathon winning product Someity on PH! Someity is your all-in-one accessibility and productivity tool on the Internet. Do check it out!