Sahil Patel

I like to build stuff


I grew up in surat and then moved to Ahmedabad to pursue engineering. I remember when I was in school I wanted to become an aerospace engineer but in my sophomore year, I realized that I'm passionate about startups, products, marketing, community, growth, and No-code. I like to build things and solve problems. Outside of work, I watch movies, read books, brainstorm ideas, attend meetups, and shitpost on Twitter. Need help on your project or just want to chat? Reach out to me on Twitter


Maker History

  • Web3 resources
    Biggest list of Blockchain resources
    Sep 2021
  • Pinglr
    Learn more in less time
    Jul 2021
  • Startup Lyst
    A curated directory of tools and resources for startups
    Jan 2021
  • 🎉
    Joined Product HuntNovember 5th, 2020