What are the best marketing tools for B2B products, in your opinion?

Julia Doronina
15 replies


Alexander Moen
I don't know if you'd count it as a tool per se, but LinkedIn has been far and away my best B2B general marketing tool, used in conjunction with direct sales. I used it successfully at the previous company I worked for, and I just recently launched my software (actually, it is live on ProductHunt today if you're curious to check it out) and was able to get ~5k views per post on there for my company.
Julia Doronina
@alexander_moen Thank you for this advice, I have tried LinkedIn once, but didn't get any results. Maybe I need to change my approach. How did you connect with people, just sent them requests with a short text?
Shubham Davey
This is highly subjective as a lot of factors come into play to decide the best marketing tool. But as a marketer myself, I believe that caring is by far the best marketing tool. Caring for your audience brings your attention to details and the money is in the details.
Julia Doronina
@askdaveyji this is a very great point, I absolutely agree that it's important to care for and support your audience.
Fabian Maume
Linkedin & Phantombuster can give you nice results. Quora has also a lot potential for B2B. I would recommend QApop to leverage it: https://www.qapop.com/
thaara joseph
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Charlie Wex
Personally I use Mailchip, I really like the way it syncs new orders and customer data. I also use Statistics Professional SW6, here I see a more detailed analysis of sales, orders, marketing, products, customers and failure analysis. I also use Popup to accept all cookies. The Popup plugin turns an inconspicuous cookie banner into an attractive popup window with a big 'accept' button. But personally I use shopware's e-commerce solution. I'm sure a full e-commerce site management system is much more useful than each of these tools. With this platform I can control many processes . If you are interested, read the information on this site https://dinarys.com/blog/make-an....
Arpit Mishra
1. Email - Seamless.ai - Slintel 2. Data extraction - Salesnavigator - Clearbit - ZeroBounce 3. Ads - Adwords/Adroll - LinkedIn - Quora - Bambora 4. Content - Wordpress - Hashnode - Canva 5. Data - Amplitude - Segment 6. SEO - SEMRush - AHref Other - Grammarly - Calendly - Open SEO stats extension - VidIQ extension - Drift/Intercom/Loom - Keyword Everywhere
Julia Doronina
@arpitmishra Thank you for this wide list! It's very useful!
David Miller
Hey. Try ProProfs Project. As a growing business, we have been using the tool for our B2B marketing needs. It’s easy-to-use, affordable, and offers incredible features to manage multiple campaigns on one platform. We are happy with how the tool has worked out for us.
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