What are the best dev docs you've read? And why?

flo merian
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I enjoyed reading docs from Algolia and Stripe, both are educative and visually stunning. What dev docs recently WOW you the most?


Sam Sanchez
Golang, efficace et claire
Rosie Higgins
Material UI is one of the best I've used recently, they have easy navigation, loads of great demos and examples with lots of variation, and thorough API documentation. On the other end of the spectrum some bad ones I've experienced are the Blender API docs and the BabylonJs docs. Difficult to navigate and some fundamental stuff missing meaning you often have to delve into the source code or rely on a forum post to find what you need.
flo merian
Launching soon!
@rosie_higgins_grapevine Hi Rosie, thanks for your reply! Material-UI is a great one indeed. What are the fundamental stuff you're refering to? Demos? Examples?
Rosie Higgins
@fmerian or explanations for what particular functions/methods do. This happens with Babylon so we often have to guess or look at the source code
Emily Melhuish
Agree with Stripe! They list what each field means in API and all endpoints plus expected responses and example queries. Additionally their setup and dev kit docs are up to date with working examples in all of the common languages. We found it super quick to integrate with it. I think for docs, it's key to be both succinct but state every detail. I find it frustrating when docs are out of date and the examples don't actually work.