My last day at Product Hunt!

Sharath Kuruganty
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Hey everyone! It's bittersweet to say that today is my last day at Product Hunt! From a lurker to a maker to a founder to working at Product Hunt is a wild journey and a dream come true. I'm forever grateful to @rrhoover and the whole Product Hunt team for welcoming me and allowing me to do things I love 🙏🏼 Lastly, I want to thank each of you in this community for making this space an epic destination for makers, founders, and product enthusiasts. Y'all are rockstars! Love you all ❤️ PS: My next adventure starts at On Deck. I'm excited to be back at building and making things.


Josh C. Kline
Sorry to see you go. Corralling cats (managing a community) isn’t easy and I think you’ve done a great job at PH. Best/Josh @HaveNeed
Shreya R Nambiar
My best wishes, Sharath :)
Tuğçe Içözü
Thank you very much for being by my side, encouraging and guiding me from the very beginning of the Ambassador program. I wish you all the success in the new phase of your career.
A lovely journey man and super glad to see what you've accomplished here :D
Michael Silber
We're going to miss you a ton @5harath. You're going to kill it at @beondeck
Congratulations Sharath!
Hello Sharath, Best of luck. And thank you for making PH engaged
Rosie Sherry
I appreciate your work here and best of luck in your new role.
Sachin Sinha
Congratulations !!! Good Luck with your next adventure at On Deck @5harath
Kyler Phillips
Best of luck with your next adventure Sharath!
Maxwell Davis
All the best with your new journey at On Deck @5harath - you've done an amazing job here!
Bertha Kgokong
All the best of luck on your next adventure
Yasser Sultan
All the best @5harath! Your questions initiated some really good discussions here, hope you'll keep on visiting PH community :)
Nick Wood
It was great to meet you, Sharath! Best of luck in your new role
Ahmed Saleh
What a coincidence that I meet you during your last day. Good luck with the upcoming ventures.
Mirton Bay
Good luck to you!
Miriam Dorsett
I was the 70th upvote on this post. ❤️