How do you stay healthy?

Adrian Cole
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Being a founder/builder is a lot of work and can take its toll on your health. What's your strategy for staying healthy? I'm a walker and can easily crank out 15+ miles a week, eat only plants and hit the gym 3-5x a week. What's yours?


Yoga helps for it combines stretches, meditation and breathing exercises. Btw, yesterday was the International day of Yoga.
Sherrill Webb
@deleted-3472183 Hi, I am always worried about my health. That is why I always take precautions when it comes to my health. Because precaution is much better than cure. I always take a healthy diet like fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains and mostly avoid junk food. I consume less sugar and salt. I only drink clean water instead of drinking alcohol and neither I do smoke. I will always be active. I always check my blood pressure regularly. I always do full-body tests and one more secret is to follow the advice of my ayurvedic doctor that I found on I have changed my lifestyle and daily routine, lean more towards meditation and prefer to take Ayurvedic herbs because I trust them more than chemical medicines.
Mohammed Nadeem Ullah
Jogging daily in the early morning.
Maxime Clementz
jogging 2 times per week
Aurelian Spodarec
@maxime_clementz Not sure that's enough. Do you run for like 2hours at a time?
Utsav Shah
Meditation and breathing techniques can gradually improve the overall health- How? Kindly check out- @adriancole @aditya_joshi7
Hanna Barzakouskaya
I think that I'm in the best position on that topic. As a PM of health solution, I'm trying and implementing the health suggestion for myself. Meanwhile, I do kundalini yoga and meditation on daily basis, but you know when you're above the 30s, sometimes it isn't enough. So I check my health markers from time to time and, for example, the last time I defined that my hormone profile needs to be improved and my inflammation is a little bit higher than the norm. I added some natural ways to improve it (like superfood) and became happy not just because I saw the better numbers, but mostly that I get a lot of energy.
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@adriancole It depends on the lab test results. Just for example, when I discovered that my HDL was too low, I added Flax seeds and Chia. But when my lipid levels became perfect I stopped using it often. Although I still add them and the Goji berries to the porridge from time to time because I like their taste. Goji berries help with my dry eye disease. I also took DHEA supplements when my DHEA level appeared low as well as my cortisol level became abnormal hight. When it became the norm, I stopped taking it. I used to walk for 30 minutes per day, but some of the tests showed that that isn't enough. So I increase my walking to 60 minutes per day and started to listen to audiobooks because it seemed to me too much time to waste. So in general, I think that my health approach is clear.
Audrey Rampon
For me, it's daily yoga/meditation, cooking pretty much every day, and drinking lots of water
Adrian Cole
@audrey_rampon I recently got into the recipe / cookbook game and wow. A good podcast and I can drop 2 hours in my kitchen just cooking and living it up.
Manish Rawat
I follow a semi-vegetarian diet. I avoid sugar and drink more water. Any physical activity for 30 minutes daily and 8 hours of sleep.
rinas 🧑‍💻
@manish_rawat1 Reducing the amount of sugar is key! Infact I build a site to keep me accountable for the same - to avoid sugar 😅 No Sugar Today
Chandramouli Dorai
Clean eating + good sleep + 10,000 steps a day. Have started following this regime recently and seeing good results. It's simple and easy to follow.
Good natural home made food, 7hrs sleep everyday, early mornings, stretch everyday, light aerobics 4-5 days a week, positive thoughts, light hearted music, some time in the Sun, intermittent fasting, conversations with friends and family, reading - news n books, less than 10mins meditation, create a bit - tweet/write/draw, journal, write down daily tasks, be nice to a stranger, be nice to people you live with, practice boundaries.. Healthy mind, healthy body.
David J. Kim
@gogloballakshmi If your'e doing all this then you're definitely up there with your health!
@between_team yes, it has definitely helped me... this routine was the lesson learnt from a previous routine which almost killed me..
Elise Cannon
I feel you! Not gonna lie, the app I'm building is keeping me healthy at the moment because I earn trees whenever I am active 💚 it actually encourages me to get up and exercise often!
Jeff Weisbein
This is something I struggle with sometimes. I've been getting into going on more walks, riding bikes, and yoga. For me, it feels like a constant effort. Does it ever get easier? haha
Adrian Cole
@jeffweisbein It does. It takes about 6 months to cross into what experts call the maintenance phase.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I used to go to the gym but since the pandemic I started home work out about 3 times a week. Plus I love manual activities like gardening and sewing, they keep my mental health balanced.
Md Raisul Islam
Be physically active for 30 minutes most days of the week. Eat a well-balanced, low-fat diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Manoj Surya
exercise, healthy food, sleep
Chandan Das
Yoga, Good sleep, good food and live in present
Natalie Karakina
Jogging in the morning and stretching in the evening
Adrian Cole
@nataliekarakina What stretching routine do you follow?
Justin Chitla
@nataliekarakina I am looking to be better about stretching! Is there a resource to help me? I have a very very weak back and I've been told to make sure my hip flexors are being stretched.
Dimitris Karavias
@justinchitla If you have a weak back you probably shouldn't stretch your hip flexors! Are you in pain or have a bad posture?
Justin Chitla
@dkaravias I've definitely heard of stretching the hip flexors so I've been giving that a try this week and will continue to do so. I actually stumbled on a good hip flexor stretch on tik tok lol!
I'm here to learn about body relaxation and healing:
Iliya Valchanov [Team-GPT]
I am also a walker. I try to hit 30-40 miles a week. Doing repetitive rhythmic movements (e.g. walking) helps the nervous system relax as the blood circulates around the body at a constant pace.
Adrian Cole
@iliya_valchanov That will explain why I get my best ideas during my walks. My last walk was 4 hours and I solved 80% of my current problems in just one day.
Jules Schenkel
Habits focused on the health of your mind and body are super important when it comes to performing at your peak. These are the basics that I stick to. Healthy Body: Intermittent fasting, eat clean (mostly plants), 8 hr sleep, high intensity resistance training 3x/week, drink 100oz water daily Healthy Mind: 10 min daily meditation, time box social media consumption (brain candy time), read long form (feed the mind) I built to help me stick to my habit system.
Kirill Gorokhov
Hitting the gym three times a week without excuses. Drinking lots of water. Using pomodoro technique when working to make sure I have enough breaks :)