Goodbye tracking cookies. 😓

Sewell Stephens
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After years of building software, tracking cookies are coming to an end and am worried we're reaching the end of SaaS which basically means after years of trying to build SaaS products not only am I left with no revenue but also thousands of dollars on advertising in Google Ads wasted. I literly have just built a new software product and am already worried enough about the Google Sign in javascript library being deprecated and have switched to direct API calls as they said that will still be an option. Should I give up after 4 years and ditch my hobby? I'm getting really depressed knowing that I seem to have already missed the good days of SaaS. Please review and give me real feedback as know one is helping me on


Sewell, the site is good. There are many solutions for forms, so it's a very saturated market, that is also true. So don't think you're doing something wrong, it's just that in this niche there is a lot of competition. Just the fact that you built it says a lot about your abilities. One of the important things on the business side is to learn to pivot. I'd stop spending money on ads and focus on solving the problem from different angles. The videos on Ycombinator are a very helpful resource. The startup world is very tough, and you seem very young. Even for seasoned entrepreneurs, it gets difficult, at least until you get product-market fit. Learning not to be too harsh on yourself is the best lesson, that gets you through the hard times. And you haven't missed anything. There's always opportunity out there. And even more importantly, take care of your mental health. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a break. Take walks, go out in nature, and change the context a bit. Consistency is key, and you can't have it without taking breaks once in a while. Hope this helps!
Sewell Stephens
@stelian_dobrescu1 Then how do you explain the 60 signups that all left? Its onboarding thats truely the problem from what I can tell and I get/see landing page reviews instead.
wei lacteo
I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling discouraged about the future of SaaS and the challenges you're facing with your new software product. It can be tough to stay motivated and keep pushing forward when things feel uncertain. However, it's important to remember that the tech industry is always evolving and there may be new opportunities around the corner. I took a look at your website,, and it looks like you've put a lot of effort into your product. The design is clean and professional, and the features seem useful. Perhaps you could focus on finding new ways to reach your target audience and get the word out about your product. Have you considered reaching out to Goodbye Poquoson potential users directly or trying different marketing channels? Don't give up just yet! Keep pushing and trying new things, and you never know what opportunities may come your way. Good luck!