Founders, explain the community what you building in using an elevator pitch?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Shariq A
Building software is complex, there are some common issues faced by developers and testers regularly. These common recurring problems leads to alot of frustration within and across Teams, slows down development pace and play a significant role in release delays. We started thinking about fixing some of these problems faced by almost every development team and built Its a SaaS that aims to speed up development by reducing some of the dependencies between development Team Members and dependencies between Teams working together. It simplifies and automates some of the routine testing procedures and turbocharges the process of replicating defects. It also empowers non-programmers in the team to play an active role in API design, development and communication. It lets you see your API, fully functional in the Cloud, before you actually build it. Use them in discussions, proof-of-concepts, demonstrations and to increase your API experience. Watch a couple of demos below Automating some routine tests: Visually create REST API:
Miriam Dorsett
Writer on the hunt 24/7
Being an entrepreneur is extremely challenging. I'm speaking from experience. Founders are some of the worlds brightest minds, and when we create from a mentally well foundation we all benefit. That's why I'm building QUOKA! Mental health support for entrepreneurs. Do you have a minute to give me feedback on my landing page? Thank you in advance!
Making 12 Products in 12 Months
This is more of a side-project: I am making a directory of "Thiel fellows using Glide apps." This will help individuals who will be applying for the fellowship, help them to know more about prev Thiel fellows, their works, and connect with them.
Dafni Chontou
Product Manager @ BCGDV
My co-founder and I have worked in companies of various sizes: from big consulting to listed companies, to startups. We realized that a big part of how we developed professionally was defined by the company and driven by our managers. And when we changed roles, all of our growth and feedback data was lost. But there is a big shift happening. Work is becoming remote. Work is becoming fragmented: people change jobs every 4 years on average. Work is becoming more independent: it's projected that in 2027 51% of the US workforce will be freelancers. And more and more people have side gigs and other projects. This means more and more people will be left alone to hack their development with tools designed for surveys and journaling. We're building a growth planning tool for individuals to set goals, build action plans, and collect advice and feedback along the way - because it takes a village to grow. We're helping people be intentional about their personal and professional growth. Wonderpath is now on private beta and we're onboarding 1-1 of all of our early adopters. If you would like to chat with us about your personal growth and goals, sign up here:
Vijayaraghavan Mohan
Full Stack Marketer
Building the Linkedin ads library that we're probably never going to get from Linkedin πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Victor David
Tech, drums, doggies, coffee by the kilo
Morning Ed, push my button, would ya? Morning Victor, coffee in each hand as usual, I see. What's up? Building a service for people who want to make sure that vital info gets disclosed to their friends and family if they die or go missing somehow. You mean like a digital dead man's switch? Yeah, only instead of stopping the train if you keel over, we send info to your peoples. What info? Whatever you want, Ed. Location of documents, insurance policy stuff, maybe passwords and such. Secrets, private thoughts anything you don't want to leave unsaid. Sounds macabre Victor, and interesting too. Yeah, don't forget what happened to Elena in Marketing. Went to the jungle and never came back. Her affairs were a mess. So true, her poor family. Well, send me more details in the next day or two. I'm a bit intrigued. Will do - and here's my floor. Have a good day, Ed. You too. And don't fall down any stairs. Okay, but if I do, I'm ready.
Vernon Pearson
Together solving problems
Modern life can be difficult to manage. Especially when done in silos. That's why we built Bubblepop. It's a home phone service designed for we rather than me. Make calls, create lists, and build budgets together. Because a life shared together should be more manageable than one lived alone. Learn more Apple App Store Google Play Store
Engineer. Entrepreneur.
Right now, I'm building my startup's resource center which acts as the knowledge body guiding the work of my customers.. For convenience sake, once can call it a blog about wellness and values. Thanks Sharath!
Emmanuel Lefort
Building the Shazam for your Thoughts
Your next big thing starts with a thought, an idea, something in the air that needs to be caught and nurtured. That’s where we come in, helping you capture and put life into your smallest and your greatest thoughts. - Weavit.
Pavel Gvay
CEO @ Shizune, AI that finds investors
An AI bot that can find investors and get meetings with them automatically. What do you guys think about my elevator pitch? Is it simple? Can you understand what we do?
Farokh Shahabi
Co-founder & CEO at Formaloo
Not only manage your data but collaborate on it: Formaloo is the perfect no-code platform for teams who love to collaborate on their data, not to get lost in meaningless spreadsheets.
Misha Krunic
Do you own a website? If you do, more likely than not you're interested in how well protected it is against unwanted bot traffic. My tool offers a diagnostic service that will let you know just that. In case you don't own a website, you could be interested in how well protected a website you often visit is. BotMeNot can do this too. Feel free to sign up for our beta users programme and test its functionality free of charge.
Joanna Kurylo
Revenue Growth Strategist πŸ’°
My elevator pitch: We are building an easier and faster way for solo-entrepreneurs and side-hustlers to get paid! πŸ‘
Leslie Smith
Co-founder of el3ment. Music enthusiast.
el3ment is a social network exclusively for musicians. One of the biggest pain points for musicians - especially independent artists, and musicians working internationally - is discovering + connecting with other musicians. The collaboration process is very gated, and without access to A+R services, finding a creative partner is incredibly difficult (or transactional). With el3ment, music makers around the world can discover new sounds, connect with other musicians, and build relationships - without language or location barriers! This is the first step in democratizing access and opportunity for music makers worldwide. We're excited to keep building and providing more tools.
Jake Gutstein
Founder @Zest + Passionate Home Cook
Zest is attempting to fundamentally change the way that Gen-Z sources, prepares, and consumes food. For people our age, cooking for yourself is really freaking hard and learning to cook is even harder. Zest provides two recipes at a time, informed by the top culinary curricula in the world, curated by master chefs, and then distilled through a personable home chef, resulting in delicious dinners in under 45 minutes. Learn to cook in a way that integrates into your daily life. Check us out! (
Nidhish Tulsiani
Co-founder at OURS
OURS is a platform for people to build healthy habits rooted in ancient Indian traditions. There are 4 elements to this: A daily online routine consisting of Yoga, Meditation, & Chanting led by practitioners from some of India’s oldest Yoga institutes. An online store for a range of natural products sourced directly from local farmers in the Indian Himalayas. Member-only retreats in the Indian Himalayas, focused on exploring local culture, tradition, trekking through sacred sites, and more. A likeminded community to share the journey with, supporting and learning from one another.
Denys Hriaznov
Creator, Software Engineer
We're making Linguaroom - an online platform to practice speaking any language with natives and other language learners for free.
Ruslan Leteyski
I help dropshippers buy 🏎 Lambos!
I'm working on Vanga - Virtual Upsell assistant Vanga is your virtual upsell assistant for Shopify. She works on autopilot by studying your orders and optimizes her upsells with each shopper interaction. When a customer makes an order, Vanga shows them post-purchase upsells and makes you πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° PH Link:
Farhan Kabir
Hello Hunters! So glad to see you here!
I'm working on building an app that include short success stories from businessessman, strategies they user which will help the users in inspiring, motivating to build and chase their own dreams
Paul O'Brien
Founder, MediaTech Ventures
Media industry mentors, founders, investors, and companies, all in one place, to help creators find greater success in innovation, and to help more meaningfully move capital to entrepreneurs: