Do you know what 'flow-state' means?

Nathan Challen
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I'm creating a product and using 'Flow State' in the title. In your opinion are the 'flow-state' and 'focus' just different words for the same thing. Did you know the difference (before googling it πŸ˜†)


David J. Kim
This is kind of cheating, but I read the book a while back before knowing about the term in business. I do recommend reading the actual book, as Mihaly believes "flow" is moreso an exploration of happiness vs raw productivity. (Though Flow states do lead to more productivity).
Nathan Challen
@between_team until I read the book I did not have a name for it. I used code 'in the zone' as I would say. But Mihalys' work has travelled far enough since that judging by early votes on this poll it seems to be a known term.
Mitchell Orme
I would say that its a well-established term, especially on platforms like Youtube and Medium, where achieving the 'flow state' has multiple articles, or binaural beats music videos to help achieve the flow state. I would align flow state with more something that you're actively involved in that you want to be doing or have greater direction with. You can be focused on a book, or task, but when you're in the flow state, it barely requireses conscious thought
Nathan Challen
Thanks @mitchell_orme! I've created a ship page so feel free to sign up. I'll be dripping productivity tips and content to subscribers along the way. I'm a coder but this is tricky because the method I've devised has to be coached. I tried an app, also a coaching bot... but I'm resorting to making my first ever digital course. Just getting over the nerves of talking on camera! πŸ˜…
Hi Natan, Yes, I know what flow state is. It's when you sabotage most of your reality in favor of something you are mad about. It's not the same as focus, it's like overfocus. But it's fantastic and like a drug. It's when you can't help going out of the project even when sleeping in a good way.
Nathan Challen
Great answer @t0ha666! It's a natural, hours lasting high. Once you experience it, you can't get enough of it. It's what any good dev wants daily πŸš€.
Ana Bibikova
That sounds like fun! Though you've broken some basic rules with the questioning here:) "Did you know the difference (before googling it)" implies that there's a difference. I'd love to follow your journey and see the results of this experiment! You're focusing on users who know the difference, and those who get curious and seek the search engine's help. Just imagine the possibilities for retargeting! :) Could start the whole new trend in marketing
Nathan Challen
ah ha! love your comment and your thinking @anab! I just wish I was the genius who invented it or coined the term 'flow'. However, 'the DayNinja method' is what I call my method to activate the flow-state. If you google that or combinations of the words you'll get just me 😎.
Ana Bibikova
@emotf sounds like a smart move 😁 wish you the best of luck with building the product. Hope to be notified of the launch and promise to support it
Nurlan Nurmanov
Is it from FSM - Finite State Machine terminology? I associate it with FSMs, BPMs - Business Process Management
Dafni Chontou
Yes! Flow state for me is when I forget what time it is and can go on for hours. It happens mostly when I'm building stuff, prototyping on Figma, or playing the piano. Focus time is when I really need to focus on one thing. Might be also stuff that I don't particularly enjoy: certain emails, taxes.
My take was finite state machine. Flow of events that change the states of the machine.
Sarvam Fating
The flow state that I follow is by switching on my POMODORO Timer on my Mac and getting done as much as I can within 30 mins & then take a 10 mins break.
Shivam Thiagarajan
In my opinion, flow state and focus differ in the fact that focus is the result of constant effort, while flow state - while requiring conscious cultivation to get started - is a more natural state of being.
Abhilash Sankaramanchi
Focus is the best drug of all & Flow-state is described as Effortless-effort. You're so focused on the task at hand that everything else seems to disappear. Do watch this wonderful video I've come across:
Arupa Tesolin
I’m an expert on inner flow and my co specializes in developing it. Flow is very different, the more creative imaginal states predominate, it’s free-wheeling, shower thought territory, heart is involved; it’s kind of blissy and powerful insights and breakthroughs can happen here. In focus it’s very much absorptive, frontal lobe and processing mind involved, can seem timeless, very satisfying, like an athletic workout for the brain.
The last time I was in a perfect state of flow was last week... I need to get my game up
Timothy Woodcock
Flow state is like a sense of harmony with everything you are doing. Things feel effortless (although you could be working super hard from a third-person point of view!). It comes with awareness. I have developed a tracker for it, since the concept of Flow and the awareness it brought me has turned my life around. I will be launching it on Product Hunt as soon as I have read the guide! :-)