Is Ship 'pro' worth paying? (for just for promotional benefit)

Nathan Challen
2 replies
I'm interested in hearing other customers of PH Ship to know if paying for promotion $79 brought you many subscribers. I don't need the other features as I'll be publishing the full website in a few days. My project is a not for profit community project so if I am going to pay for any promotion I want it to reach as far as possible so I am also interested in what 'bang for buck' has yielded you the most subscribers?


Matthew Johnson
We paid for Ship and for us it was just about worth it. There is a lot of spam for sure. And another issue is that lots of subscribers aren't really that interested in what you're working on. There is such little for subscribing to things that lots of people just hit that button on everything. But for us, our target audience really aligns with the Product Hunt community. I am not sure if that's the case for your project. It sounds to me like it doesn't really, but hard to tell really. Also really depends on what your goal is for promoting the project. Is it awareness? Are you planning to launch the project on Product Hunt? What do you want from the subscribers? I did a blog post on our experience and how we use Ship if helpful