💻 Code in the Morning or the Evening?

Nathan Challen
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When do you code best? ... and why?


mustafa ilker sarac
After midnight just before sleep and in the morning after waking up, before 11 am. The main reasons are; fewer distractions and a fresh clear mind.
Nathan Challen
@milkers I'm the same... before 11am is peak for me. I find that when it comes to coding. Sometimes just knowing I might be interrupted means doing something else until you know there is no risk of distraction.
I usually works very good at night, less noise outside, the darkness, in my case also less hot temperature!
Nathan Challen
@xkraty Yea for sure. The heat of the day can really be a killer of productivity for anyone near the equator.
Brandon Thimmesch
@pablo_fatas Same here lol tends to be work projects during the day and personal projects at night =P
Nathan Challen
@pablo_fatas @brandon_thimmesch_profile I tend to do this as well. Just have to be super conscious of burn out and getting enough sleep.
Pablo Fatas
@brandon_thimmesch_profile @emotf Burnout can definitly be an issue. I am alraedy struggling for sleep
Brandon Thimmesch
@pablo_fatas @emotf Yeah, I've learned the hard way over the years to be mindful of burnout. I always unplug completely when I start noticing that I'm starting to feel run down now.
Matt Spergel
Morning baby! I begin at 7am at the coffee shop with a green tea in hand. My body and mind are well rested then.
Ramanvir Sodhi
Not a morning person, so I face difficulty in writing logic early in the morning. Before lunch and night have worked best for me in the past!