Maker goals - gone?

Nathan Challen
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It's been some years since I've used Ship and Maker features on PH. I swear there used to be a way of listing weekly Maker goals with the community. Has this feature been discontinued? If so, which platform/community is most active for this purpose? I googled around and see there is but the engagement seemed pretty low on most posts. Open to suggestions on or off PH.


Rashmi Gupta
I used to like Maker's goal segment too!
Richard Fang
I think the closest you're going to get is Pioneer which is kind of like a tournament. Otherwise I wonder perhaps a Slack channel that does this!
Tessa Kriesel
Indie Hackers maybe? Depending on your audience, I'm building a community of founders (who focus on developer audiences), if that's of interest I can share more.
John Smith
@tessak22 What is the community name?
Tessa Kriesel
@johnsmi52412940 It's very new, my blog has gotten more love thus far, now working into the community.
Tessa Kriesel
@gd77 Very new but we're starting to get more context in our community. We have about 200 technical founder subscribers, just need to get the community going. Reach out if you need anything!
Nathan Challen
@tessak22 ah! indie hackers - I'd read a lot of posts there but have never joined. I never knew they had a goals feature. Heading over there now. Thanks!
Tessa Kriesel
@emotf I’m not 100% sure if they offer exactly what you’re seeking but there’s definitely a greater chance there.
Ivan Homola
You can join our community of early-stage startup founders: Lunadio 🚀 👉 We share our weekly goals inside the community. 👉 Every week, we have mastermind calls where you can share your current struggles and other founders advise you. 👉 You can ask for feedback or help anytime on our Discord server. 👉 We maintain a knowledge base with useful resources. 👉 Exclusive deals for startup founders are coming soon.
Nathan Challen
@ichangetheway Hi Ivan, signed up. Looks great and some awesome projects listed. I look forward to seeing you in there.
Hey Nathan, over time, we’ve noticed that usage has declined and we’ve ultimately made the decision to sunset Maker Goals in its current form. Our new goal is to spend this renewed time and focus on tools that better serve your longer term needs.
Nathan Challen
@leandro8209 fair call. I am joining a couple of platforms. So far indie hackers and Lunadio are looking good. Perhaps I'll make a collection.
Marc Köhlbrugge
As you mention, [WIP]( shares a lot of functionality with what used to be Maker Goals. (Although we launched a year before Maker Goals, so I'd argue it's the other way around 😅) Some parts of the site might suggest otherwise, but we've got hundreds of active members including multiple makers who won Product Hunt Maker of the Year :) A lot of the activity happens within a chat with others makers, but joining it is optional. If you prefer to stick to the site, you can do that. We also have desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux ( ) If you're interested in importing your old Maker Goals we can probably do that too. Just send me an email ( ) and I'll walk you through the steps.