The joy of shipping! 😌

Nathan Challen
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One the the most satisfying things about being a Maker is finishing something big. You know you now have the mental space and time to start the next project. I just pressed the 'go live' button yesterday. Went to the beach this morning to relax. Now starting the next thing 🚀... Who's knows that feeling?


Stefan Smiljkovic
I honestly can't say that with my project. Automatio takes to long to build and launch. It's not that I couldn't, but I just didn't for so long. Now when it's soft-launched, a lot of stuff needs to be done. I like the process, even sometimes I feel very exhausted and tired. What did you launch?
Jenny Nicholson
Yes! This is why we often do quick experiments we take from idea to live in <1 week. Helps keep that sense of momentum going while we keep plugging away at longer term projects.